Five Animals Qigong Workshop

Five Animals Qigong Workshop

Developed in 145 – 208, Wu Qin Xi uses imitations of animals as a basis for Qi Gong practice.  The 5 animals are; tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird.  We imitate the characteristics, spirit and physical movements of each animal for mental balance and physical ease, specifically aiding respiration, digestion, circulation, flexibility of the joints, spine health, leg strength, levelled emotions, clarity, fatigue and nervousness and anxiety.  There are 2 movements per animal to practice, each movement helps unblock meridian channels in the body and loosen areas of contraction and tension.  Each animal also relates to one of the five elements / five yang internal organs. This Qigong set is dynamic, invigorating and vigorous. Wu Qin Xi is promoted by the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association.

Date: Saturday 12 July 2014

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Set: 5 Animal Frolics Qigong

Level: Open to all levels of students

Duration: 3 hours

Instructor: Nicola of Earth Balance Tai Chi

Fee: £22.50

Deposit:  £10 required at time of booking.
Deposit Payment Methods: Cash or bank transfer (Paypal with additional fee)
Balance: Pay £12.50 in cash on the day.

On the Day Fee: £28.50 cash

Venue: The Park Centre, 60 Park Rd, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8ET


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Booking: Essential to book in advance to secure your place, classes capped at 12 students.

Full Terms: Please read over our terms and conditions before booking.  Deposits are non-refundable.

Age: Ages 18 years of age upwards are welcome.


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