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Phoenix Alchemy Qigong with Master Joe Lok

“The ancient practice that energy flows in the human body like heavenly cycles through the 8 channels and 12 meridians to strengthen the body and mind.”


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joe Lok. I am the twentieth inheritor of the Dragon Gate Taoist tradition, a teacher of the internal martial arts, and the founder of Phoenix Alchemy Qigong and of the Natural Energy Academy of Hong Kong. I am travelling in summer 2015 to the United States and the United Kingdom to teach workshops and seminars on Taoist healing arts. In these workshops I will explain how energy works in the body for health benefits, go through a few movements with direct, hands-on instruction, and everyone, even beginners, will share the experience of energy flow in their own movements almost instantly. For more information on my training please refer to my web-site

The following are categories who would like to come to my workshops:

1. The female population. The ladies just like the simplicity of the movements and enjoy the soft motions. Practitioners get better skin within months. The Phoenix form also heals chronic diseases.

2. Those who want to improve health.

3. Those who like to learn tai chi in an easier way.

4. Those who want each qigong gesture to be substantiated with a meaning.

5. Those who have practiced tai chi or qigong for a long time but really like to explore into the legendary qi with a deeper sensation.

6. Those who want to upgrade their tai chi and qigong

7. Those who want to widen their insights in instructing tai chi and qigong

The following is an extract (reworded by David Lenkovitzki into easier English) from my book “Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing” describing how the Phoenix alchemy system works:

“This system is a heritage from ancient times of China, based on profound theories about human nature and practice by Taoists Adepts to enhance health and longevity holistically. The practice is based on the concept of enhancing the internal flow of chi that comes with life. It is like blood. It is there in everyone’s body by birth. Positive chi is gathered and built up in order to strengthen the functioning of the internal organs, and make up the losses caused by wear and tear of everyday life. Exercising through tai chi like motions, the chi is directed through the governing channels in the human body to regulate the flows of chi in the meridians and so in each of the internal organs. The improved functions in the organs improves immunity and disease resistance, revitalizes the body’s rejuvenation abilities, eases pain at the joints and nerves, tranquilizes the mind and relieves stress. The practice is simple and easy to learn and is enhanced with precise explanations of the traditional methods for a thorough understanding of the system. While the learning process is easy and short, the benefits of this practice last a life time. The unique features of my workshops are: They do not contradict but only complement to any style of martial art, tai chi and qigong. The easy command of the energy flows inspires the learners, ignites the awareness of healing and offers insights to innovative teaching.”

Content: Master Joe Lok’s Phoenix Alchemy Qigong. “Daoist Qigong embraces Dragon Gate Alchemy and Wudang Sanfeng Natural Daoist Art. The Phoenix form embraces energy to circulate the meridians in the body according to Chinese medical heritage.”

Workshop 1: Thursday 11 June 2015 from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Workshop 1: An overall introduction for beginner and first-time students to experience the flow of the Phoenix Qigong movements.  This workshop is also for improver and advanced levels of Tai Chi and Qigong who wish to attend both workshops.

Workshop 2: Thursday 18 June 2015 from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Workshop 2: For improver and advanced practitioners of Tai Chi, yoga and Qigong, and also for beginners from the first workshop who would like to further their learning. The second session will go into the deeper aspects of Phoenix alchemy and healing.

Duration: 3 hours

Level: Everyone welcome.

Advance Booking Cost: £35 required at time of booking (per workshop).  Payments in cash or by bank transfer (Paypal not accepted).

On the Day Cost: £40 cash only (per workshop).

Book: Buy Master Joe Lok’s book

Terms: By booking onto this workshop, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions. Please read over these to ensure you are familiar with our booking, payment and cancellation policies.

Bookings: Places must be reserved in advance using the online form.

Instructor: Master Joe Lok visiting from Hong Kong.

Venue/Directions: The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham, RH12 1JF

Parking: You can park behind the Drill Hall after 6pm for free when visiting the venue.


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