New Chen Tai Chi Beginners Course

For New Beginner Tai Chi Students in Horsham Town


Coming up in mid May 2015, is our beginner foundations Chen style Tai Chi course, covering the first section of the mini form known as the Four Corners.  This is suitable for beginners with little or no experience of Tai Chi, if you are a complete novice with two left feet, this is the class for you.  This is our last Chen Tai Chi beginners course covering the first section of the form before the summer break. Join us, you are most welcome!

A sneak preview of the foundations form:

Chen style is dynamic in movement, with spiralling and coiling of the limbs to nourish the joints, lengthen the tendons and ligaments whilst calming the mind and body through slowly paced movements and breathing.  In each lesson you will learn Chen warm ups, standing practice, Qi gong breathing, silk reeling exercises, Chen Tai Chi principles and a section of the ‘form’ through learning a method rather than ‘watch and follow‘. Instructor Nicola gives guidance and advice on posture and movement.

Details New Beginners
Course Chen Four Corners
Section Section One (1 of 2)
Start Date Tue 19 May
End Date Tue 7 July
Time 5.45pm – 6.45pm
Duration 8 weeks
Level New beginners
Venue 5th/10th Weald Scouts, Bennett’s Field
Advance Cost £56 in advance
Drop-in Cost £9 pay as you go

Advance Payment Methods: Cash, bank transfer or Paypal. Please note Paypal incurs an additional fee.

Pay as you Go Method: Cash only.

Terms: Places must be booked and paid for in advance to secure a place. Please read over the terms and conditions of booking here.

Bookings:  Click here to complete the booking form.

Students: Suitable for any age from 18 years upwards, no matter fitness level or physical condition, everyone is welcome.

Catchment Area: Horsham Town, Horsham District, Roffey, North Heath, Brighton Road Area, East Horsham, North Horsham, Crawley, Cowfold, Rusper, Faygate, Colgate, Southwater, Ashington, Handcross, Billingshurst, Slinfold

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