Qi Gong for Women

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Qi Gong for Women

Internal Healing Art for Women

225181 10150309345494251 705324250 9844253 2456010 n 300x200 Qi Gong for WomenFor women everywhere, allow me to introduce you to the Earth Qi Gong for Women practice from our Sifu Tina Chunna Zhang.  Developed by Qi Gong Masters, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and Daoists, it is a powerful women’s medical Qi Gong set dating from 1700 years ago. The set is easy to learn, gentle, soft yet powerful, making it accessible to women of all ages.  The focus is on female health using the internal healing and strengthening art of Qi Gong.  Balancing female energy, spirit and emotions through posture, breath, awareness and the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Latest Course/Workshop

Courses Content Dates Duration Times
Horsham Women’s Healing in Motion From Thursday 2 October 8 Weeks 10.30am – 11.30am

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This Qigong set increases circulation to the pelvic area, nourishes the female organs, improves the function of the kidneys, digestion and liver, aids sexual health, helps strengthen bladder control, settles the central nervous system, improves mental wellbeing, increases positive energy, balances hormones and emotions, eases menstrual pain and discomfort, menopause symptoms and provides support for fertility.  These are a few of the benefits when practicing the set regularly.

Resources for Qi Gong for Women

Movement Names:

  1. Concentrated Mind (San Jiao/3 Compartments of the Torso)
  2. Big Dipper Warm Up Routine (7 Major Joints)
  3. Deer Walk 1 (Water Element – Kidneys, Bladder, Reproductive System)
  4. Deer Walk 2 (Water Element – Kidneys, Bladder, Reproductive System)
  5. Sun Moon Stars (Metal Element, Digestive System, Lungs)
  6. Crane Dance (Water Element – Kidneys, Bladder, Reproductive System)
  7. Earth Energy (Earth Element, Female Energy, Pelvic area, Menstruation, Menopause)
  8. Dragon and Phoenix (Wood Element, Liver, Lower Abdomen)
  9. Spirit of Vitality (Fire Element, Heart, Spiritual Wellbeing)
  10. Eight Energy Circle Walking (8 Trigrams)

Tina Zhang’s website:  www.qigongforwomen.com

Book:  Earth-Qi-Gong-Women-Healing

DVD:  www.qigongforwomen.com


Photos of Earth Qi Gong for Women

QigongWomen Photos 614x1024 Qi Gong for Women

tinazhang630 298x300 Qi Gong for Women

My teacher Tina Chunna Zhang – Author of Earth Qigong for Women

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