Bagua, Northern Wu, Qi Gong for Women Review

Bagua, Northern Wu, Qi Gong for Women Review

Bagua with Master Frank Allen

Over the workshop we worked on mud stepping, circle walking, the first palm change and applications.  Frank is a powerful teacher and knowledgeable historian, helping us develop the finer details of each move and history of Taiji and Bagua all rolled into one.

Northern Wu Tai Chi with Master Tina Zhang

Having learnt the Southern Wu style, I was eager to see the Northern Wu style from Tina.  A great workshop where we completed the first section of the form.  We learnt about the key ‘lineage’ elements that are a signature of the Northern Wu style; the ox plow stance, brush knee twist step and white crane.  Tina helped us cement our understanding of the form showing the martial applications and giving us all time to develop these with a partner.  A worthy introduction to the Northern Wu style.

Qi Gong for Women with Master Tina Zhang

Tina taught a workshop introducing Earth Qi Gong for Women at the Sanctuary in Dublin 7.  We started off with learning about alignments within the earth Qi Gong set and breathing/standing practice.  Over the duration we learnt two exercises from the Qi Gong set, the deerwalk to help improve the function of the reproductive organs and earth energy, which helps cultivate female energy.  We experienced a strong connection between the body and mind, in the summer air of the Sanctuary gardens.  I found this workshop of great benefit and will be putting these exercises into my own Qi Gong set.  Tina is a wonderful teacher and perfect example of natural female energy.


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