Ankle and Knee Joints

Read up here on an interesting medical research paper on the “Effect of tai chi exercise on proprioception of ankle and knee joints in old people” written in 2004 by D Xu, Y Hong, J Li, K Chan.

The study recorded the experiences of 68 elderly people who were in a reasonably health disposition.  Out of this group 21 of them had practiced Tai Chi 1.5 hours per day over 4 years.  20 of them had completed the same duration and frequency when swimming and running and the others had not done either, just regular exercise and activity.

Upon completion of the medical trials, the paper concluded that “The elderly people who regularly practiced tai chi not only showed better proprioception at the ankle and knee joints than sedentary controls, but also better ankle kinaesthesis than swimmers/runners. The large benefits of tai chi exercise on proprioception may result in the maintenance of balance control in older people.”

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