Wu Tang PCA Workshops

Wu Tang PCA Workshops

Brighton 18-20 May 2012

Join visiting Baguazhang, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Xingyiquan and Qi Gong Master Frank Allen and Tina Zhang of the Wu Tang Physical Culture Association in New York, for a series of weekend workshops being held in Brighton in May 2012.

Known as the ‘Snake’, Master Frank Allen has been teaching internal arts for 33 years in New York. Tina moved to the USA in the 1980’s from Beijing and has practiced martial arts since her childhood and trained with many renowned Tai Chi and Qi Gong masters. Both Frank and Tina have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the internal arts.  For Bagua and Qi Gong practitioners of all levels, these workshops are not to be missed.  Frank and Tina travel to Europe twice a year and have previously taught workshops in London, Ireland and near Frankfurt.  View over the following links for detailed information on each course.

Master Frank Allen – Classical Cheng Style Bagua Zhang

 This workshop will focus on the yin/yang foundations of the art of Ba Gua Zhang through the movements, energies, techniques and cultural correlations of the Single Palm Change & The Double Palm Change.

Tina Zhang – Earth Qi Gong for Women

Learn powerful gentle movements that focus on female health and wellbeing. Helping the female anatomy from menstruation, menopause, pelvic health, female spirit, Qi flow and emotions.

Tina Zhang – Three Treasures Qi Gong

 This set of Medical Qi Gong break through with its special touches and emphasizes on these well established 14 meridian channels’ Qi flow, which nurturing the internal organ systems.

Dates: Friday 18 – Sunday 20 May 2012

Location: Brighton, East Sussex

Venues: Bagua is being held at the Sussex Deaf Centre, Brighton

Venues: Qi Gong is being held at the Friends Centre, Brighton

 Book Offer: The first 5 people to sign up for the weekend get a copy of either Earth Qi Gong for Women or Bagua Zhang book

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