Cheng Bagua Zhang Review

Last weekend on 18 – 20 May 2012, 5th Generation Lineage Cheng Style Baguazhang Master Frank Allen of visited Brighton for a series of Bagua workshops.  Frank is an internal martial artist who is completely dedicated to his field, his wealth of knowledge, expertise and skill is overwhelming.  A huge thank you to Frank for taking time out of his schedule to teach in Brighton, we all loved the workshops and gained a lot from his teachings.

Read Frank’s article on the History of Cheng Style Bagua Zhang here and here. Download a .pdf version titled Reality of Ba Gua Zhang.

We covered mud tread and circle walking with the basic single palm change, 4 step expansion and compression drills and the meaning of strawberry rooting. From the Cheng style Bagua forms we looked at the first single palm change and the second double palm change.  For me personally, I loved every moment.  I have ‘loosely’ trained Bagua with a few different instructors in Ireland and the UK, and Frank is just something else. His depth of knowledge from biomechanics, martial applications to Qi energy is unsurpassed. His Master Liu Jing Ru only has two masters between him and the founder of Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang, Cheng Ting Hua.

An added bonus of attending his workshops are learning a serious amount of history, whether  the history of Bagua Zhang, his view of the Tao, gangs in New York to the Roman Empire and the Hastings Battle of 1066.  He is a living history book. The workshops were flavoured by an eclectic taste in music, everything from Stephen Lynch (parental advisory), Rammstein, Gogol Bordello, In Extremo…. to sum it up, if you like mixing punk and rock with medieval and Celtic influences, go and see Frank!  The weekend was filled with great Bagua training,  humour and history.  It could not have been better.

View Master Frank Allen at Wu Tang PCA

View Master Liu Jing Ru performing the Old Eight Palms

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