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Five Animals Qigong Resources

Five Animals Qigong Resources

Wu Qin Xi Student Resources

This article provides a collection of youtube video resources for students learning the Five Animal Frolics Qigong routine. Developed in 145 - 208, Wu Qin Xi uses imitations of animals as a basis for Qi Gong practice. A foundation level qigong practice for all abilities. The movements in the routine are energising and dynamic.

The 5 animals are; tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird.  We imitate the characteristics, spirit and physical movements of each animal for mental balance and physical ease, specifically aiding respiration, digestion, circulation, flexibility of the joints, spine health, leg strength, level emotions, clarity, fatigue and nervousness and anxiety.  There are two movements per animal to practice, each movement helps unblock meridian channels in the body and loosen areas of contraction and tension.  Each animal also relates to one of the five elements and five yin and five yang internal organs.

Find out the meaning of qi gong here.  Visit this webpage for the full article for the benefits of the Five Animals Qi Gong set, looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and physical and mental health, along with the key points of movement.

Live Online Five Animals Qigong Tuition

Instructor Nicola is passionate about sharing the dynamic 5 Animals Qigong routine with her students. She provides live online private tuition using Zoom video call from her home to yours. Teaching you the body mechanics of each of the 10 postures, the relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the breath co-ordination, all towards establishing a regular qigong practice of your own. Open to new beginners and seasoned students. Visit the Qigong section in the webstore to find out more and book your first lesson.

Five Animals Qigong - Video Resources

Sharing with you helpful resources of the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association version of the Five Animal Frolics / Wu Qin Xi Qi Gong set.


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