Chen Xiaowang Wins Award

Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Xiaowang Wins Award

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang has won an award in China for promoting Chinese culture across the world.  “During the award ceremony, Grandmaster Chen was asked why he promotes Tai Chi. He replied that Tai Chi helps Qi and blood circulation as well as emotional balance. It is a mind, body and spirit regimen.”

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang was born in Chen Village, he is 69 years old and a 19th generation  Chen family descendent and 11th generation Chen Style Tai Chi lineage holder, and is ranked as a 9th Duan.

We are so proud of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang for winning this title, for his lifelong service to Tai Chi and for raising standards and training in Chen style across the globe.

The award ceremony was attended by high-ranking government officials and dignities and viewed by millions and broadcasted on Jan. 17, 2013 by China Central Television (CCTV).  Grand Master Chen Xiaowang performed Chen style Tai Chi with a stage full of Tai Chi students.  Watch the ceremony here.

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