Greensand Marathon for Dog Rescue

One of my Tai Chi students is running the Greesand Marathon on 13 October 2013 in support of Allsorts Dog Rescue. Rob has first hand experience of the great work they do at Allsorts Dog Rescue with his rescue dog Max.  In Rob’s words:  “A little over two years ago we got Max our dog from Allsorts Dog Rescue in Sussex. He and his entire litter were abandoned in a rubbish chute and had been brought in to Allsorts. As soon as we got Max home he became a real part of the family, in fact I can’t remember what life was like before Max arrived and I certainly can’t imagine life without him. He is a constant source of amusement, love and companionship. I will always be grateful to Allsorts for introducing us to Max.”

I own a rescue dog too and realise the importance of dog rescue centres. I’m backing Rob and his marathon run 100%, and wonder if his dog Max is running alongside him?

Please visit Rob’s page here and donate whatever you can to this worthy cause

Or go to and search for Allsorts Dog Rescue. As Allsorts is not a registered charity they and do not get the benefits of gift aid so if you can please give generously.

Allsorts was primarily setup to find homes for unwanted, unloved and abandoned dogs in Sussex. Many of the dogs are strays that have been picked up by various local councils and passed onto Allsorts for re-homing. In some cases they take dogs that are 24 hours or less away from being destroyed. Allsorts Dog Rescue also re-home dogs for people that contact them directly with a problem. This is usually a relationship breakdown, a death in the family or serious illness.

More information, including details and photos of all the dogs they currently have for adoption are available on their website.

They also regularly post updates on their facebook page