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What makes Tai Chi an Amazing Exercise?

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What makes Tai Chi an Amazing Exercise?

Qigong and Tai Chi as Superior Forms of Exercise

Instructor John Blue has a great youtube channel, with a friendly and informal style of teaching. His videos "explore some of the aspects of qigong & Taiji Quan that makes them incredibly superior forms of physical exercise". As John describes:

  • "This video
  • Bones stack
  • Joints rotate fully & together
  • Muscles pull together
  • Fascia wraps as one
  • Breath swells with movement
  • Mind-intent guides
  • Blood circulates freely
  • Stabilizer & mover muscles, & core muscles
  • Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System balance
  • Left & right, top & bottom, front & back, deep & surface (Harmony)"

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