How to Live with my Body

How to live with my body my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess I have become eventually, they couldn’t be in the same room with each other now … Read More

Tai Chi Does Not Heal

Tai Chi Does Not Heal The ‘ask the teacher’ question this month is from an email I received which advised how Tai Chi: “healed my childhood knee problems and bad tendonitis in my arm, neither to return again, despite not … Read More

Tai Chi Hurt My Knees

Tai Chi Hurt My Knees There are many barriers to starting something new, whether a hobby, new job or leisure activity. We are our worst enemy sometimes and our minds will throw up all sorts of reasons why not to … Read More

Summer Qi for the Heart

Summer Qi for the Heart Summer is an expansive time of year that is governed by the fire element and the heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here are my suggestions for strengthening your heart in the summer months. The … Read More

Meditation Myths

Meditation Myths There is a lot of misinformation about what meditation and mindfulness are, mixed in with unnecessary stereotypes and superiority. For many this puts the stillness practices out of reach. When I teach meditation and mindfulness, I strip away … Read More

Spring Qi for the Liver

Spring Qi for the Liver Spring is a time of re-birth and new growth. A time for outward expression, like the first signs of plant life that burst out of the earth. A time for new beginnings and waking up. … Read More

Building Resilience in 2021

Building Resilience in 2021 Do not worry, this is not a blog post with a humble brag about how I wrote a novel during the 2020 restrictions or learned how to perfect the art of the soufflé. Nope, I’m the … Read More

Winter Qi for the Kidneys

Winter Qi for the Kidneys Winter is yin by nature, a time for consolidating, stillness and retreating within. It is a dark, cold, wet and icy time. The winter solstice is seen as absolute yin, with the tiniest spark of … Read More

Autumn Qi for the Lungs

Autumn Qi for the Lungs Autumn is a mellowing and contracting time of year that is governed by the metal element and the lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here are my suggestions for strengthening your lungs as the weather … Read More

Distance Learning Taiji Qigong




Private Tuition – Video Learning

Learn Tai Chi and Qigong from wherever you live in the world. This distance learning format is for students who live in a time zone that is outside of our UK schedule. You will learn remotely via personalised videos uploaded to the Tai Chi cloud.  You will be the type of person who enjoys working from a range of resources, is engaged in the learning process, is self led in your practice and happy videoing your progression. If you enjoy a challenge and like being active in your training, this is for you.

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Support Small Businesses

Help The Little Guys! One way we can continue to support small and local businesses without leaving the home, is to buy online. Whether gift vouchers for your local restaurant and massage therapist to use at a later date, or … Read More

Healthy Movement Livestream

Healthy Movement Livestream Online Tai Chi & Qigong for Health In response to the current health difficulties, we now offer two online Tai Chi and Qigong live-stream classes each week. These lessons are available globally. You don’t need a lot … Read More

Weekly Livestream

Online Tai Chi & Qigong for Health

Learn dynamic, relaxing and strengthening movements from the comfort of your own home. Boost your immune system, reduce stress, strengthen your body, detox through movement, and learn how to release physical and mental tension. These ‘casual study’ classes cover a variety of traditional Tai Chi and Qigong movements focusing on improving health, resilience, well-being and longevity. Join instructor Nicola’s online community and take a positive step towards your personal health.



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Tai Chi for Spine Health

Tai Chi for Spine Health An Unhealthy Spine The spine is key to health. One of my teachers once said that Tai Chi and Qigong all focus on spinal health. We use the phrase ‘structural integrity’ when talking about the … Read More

Ways to Relieve Stress

Ways to Relieve Stress I would go as far as saying that stress is one of the most silent health disorders of our modern times. Managing stress is often overlooked and seen as trivial. There is growing pressure on everyone, to … Read More