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Skype ClassesFor students of all abilities, we offer chair based Tai Chi and Qigong private tuition classes via Skype.  Read about this latest development and the thoughts of owner/instructor Nicola Jones.  In this type of online exercise class, we use Skype as a video and voice call.  Learn simple, repetitive, powerful and healthy movements in the comfort of your own home.  Make a positive difference in your life by learning the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qigong.

All of the movements have been modified from the standing, walking syllabus that we teach, to be taught using a dining room chair, stability ball or wheelchair.  You can work at a pace that suits you, with a lesson designed for your mobility needs.  This, we hope is a welcome relief for those finding it a struggle to get to a local class and yet still want to try out Tai Chi and Qigong and begin exercising regularly.

This type of class suits someone who cannot stand for the lesson, has limited mobility, may be recovering from injury or ill-health, is currently in rehabilitation, who lives with chronic pain or may not have exercised in a while and so on.  Anyone can book a seated skype class with us, we love sharing Tai Chi and Qigong with everyone.

1 Hour Fee: £30.

45 Minute Fee: £25.

Your Location:  Our online skype classes are available across UK and Europe.

Lesson Content:

Suggested Equipment:  A dining room chair without arms or a stability ball (depending on your mobility).

Format: Over Skype with video/voice call, your instructor Nicola will guide you through private tuition.  The lesson will be a mixture of instructor demonstration, watch and follow, observation and correction.

Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Paypal (Paypal incurs an additional fee, please contact for details).

Payment Due By:  To be received in advance, a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled class.

Must Have: High-speed broadband internet connection, web camera, computer microphone, computer speakers.

Conditions:  Your webcam must be set up and tested in advance so that your body is shown from the feet to above the head in the webcam screen with speakers and microphone working.

Bookings: Please use the booking form to enquire about availability for your Skype lesson.  You will be sent a questionnaire regarding your current mobility to assess what type/style of lesson would suit you best.  Instructor Nicola would welcome to have an initial chat on skype if you have any questions about seated Tai Chi or Qigong, please contact us here to arrange a call.

Terms: 24 hours notice for cancellations, no refund is available within this time frame.  Our general terms and conditions can be found here.


Please note, as with any physical exercise programme, you are required to seek permission from your doctor before commencing with us. We are not medically trained and are unable to comment on or discuss in detail any injury or health condition you may have. Your instructor Nicola provides tuition in Tai Chi and Qigong only, following the principles of movement and how these relate to posture, alignment and general health and wellbeing.

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