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Please Read Over our Terms & Conditions

By enrolling on a course or workshop, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in this notice.

Before you Join a Class

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • It’s not a Quick Fix
  • Beginners FAQ guide
  • Struggle is Opportunity
  • Please understand that Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices can be demanding on the body, even though they may look soft and easy to do when watching DVDs or youtube clips.
  • To try out a class before signing up for a course or workshop, you are welcome to attend one of the drop-in movement classes.You do not need to book this type of class as they are open to attend as and when suits your schedule. The cost is £7. This type of class will give you an idea of instructor Nicola’s style of instruction, how the lessons are structured and what to expect in terms of movement.

Medical History

  • Please note we are not in a position to neither discuss your medical history, nor comment on any on-going medical issues, injuries, complaints or conditions you may have.
  • Our instruction provides guidance with posture, movement and deep breathing according to the principles of Tai Chi and Qigong.
  • Before joining a class all students must advise of any limitations or pre-existing conditions that may prevent them from engaging safely in Tai Chi and Qigong on the medical history form provided.
  • The medical history form must be given to your instructor before commencing a class.  This information will be held as confidential and is for insurance purposes only.
  • Earth Balance Tai Chi fully understands it’s obligations to ensure that personal information is treated fairly, lawfully and correctly, and is committed to achieving compliance with the laws of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998.
  • Please visit our online resources for general health and wellbeing benefits of these practices.
  • Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment.  Please refer to your GP with any medical questions you may have before or during your classes with us.

Drop-In Class Fees

  • Drop-in £7 per class.

Course Fees

  • Pay as you go £9 per class.
  • Advance for 7 weeks £49.
  • Advance for 8 weeks £56.

Workshop Fees

  • Pay on the day 3 hour workshop £28.50.
  • Advance 3 hour workshop £22.50.

Payment Terms

  • Simply, no payment = no training.
  • Please do not take offense if you arrive without payment, and we politely ask you to leave.

Payment Methods

  • Drop-In Fees: In cash payable at the beginning of the lesson (please bring the correct change).
  • Course Fees: Cash, via bank transfer or through via Paypal (please note additional charges apply for Paypal).
  • Unfortunately cheques are not accepted.

Courses Advance Payment

  • Advance payments are due one week before the course commences.
  • It is each student’s responsibility to pay their fees on time, by the due date stated in your course sheet.
  • Students who book their place confirming they will pay in advance and then miss the due date, will be charged a penalty fee of £8 (8 week course).
  • If the advance payment (including penalty fee) is not received by close of business the working day before the course starts, you will no longer be able to join the course.

Workshop Deposits

  • Deposits are required at the time of booking a workshop.
  • Your place is reserved once a deposit has been received.
  • For a 2.5 or 3 hour workshop, the deposit is £10.
  • Deposits are non-refundable.


  • Places on a course or workshop must be booked in advance using the booking form.
  • Please note some courses are on a wait list.
  • Please check there is a place available for you before setting off.
  • Existing Tai Chi students who wish to continue onto the next block of 8 weeks must book their place in advance using the booking form. A place is not automatically held open.
  • Each course is a separate booking and requires prior booking to attend.
  • Please note all of our courses are subject to cancellation based on student intake.

Course / Workshop Terms

  • A place will only be reserved when full payment has been received.
  • Booking priority will be given to students paying in advance.
  • Pay as you go students will be advised on availability to attend shortly before the course/workshop commences.

Refund Policy (Course / Workshop)

  • No refunds or ‘in lieu classes’ are permitted for cancellations when paying a deposit or in full in advance.
  • No refunds or ‘in lieu classes’ are permitted for advance paying students who miss a class during the course.
  • No refunds are permitted for cancellations when paying a deposit or when paying in advance.
  • Once a place has been booked/paid for, a place is held for you and this cannot be cancelled or refunded.


  • We are not in a position to offer concessions to students for class or course fees.
  • Every student attending pays the same cost.
  • Students looking for a reduction in fees due to circumstances should contact the following organisations for details on their Tai Chi and Qigong classes: West Sussex adult education provider Aspire, your local council (Horsham, Worthing, Crawley) or the Wellbeing Hub (Horsham, Worthing, Crawley).


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