Learn to circulate internal healing energy

The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is a Taoist internal energy practice to cleanse and purify the internal body using the major meridian channels in the body.  By opening energy points along these channels we can clear blockages and remove stagnation allowing free flow of Chi in a circuit around the body.

We learn to cultivate, refine and store Chi to aid our health, happiness and longevity. Regular practice will help you towards a greater feeling of grounding, connection and openness in the mind and body.

Download the microcosmic orbit meditation to help you practice at home.  For a brief guide to the meditation process, view more details here.  This download is suitable for those who are familiar with the preparatory practice of the Inner Smile meditation.


First Beginner’s Cycle
Contents: 60 second intervals to open each point, reversing the flow mid way
Duration: 33 minutes
File Size: 80MB
Format: MP3

One Complete Long Cycle
Contents: 60 second intervals to open each point
Duration: 18 minutes
File Size: 51MB
Format: MP3

One Complete Short Cycle
Contents: 30 second intervals to open each point
Duration: 12 minutes
File Size: 29MB
Format: MP3

Three Cycles
Contents: 10 second intervals to open each point over three cycles
Duration: 12 minutes
File Size: 27MB
Format: MP3

Continuous Cycle
Once you have opened all of the points and are familiar with the location and sensations on the microcosmic orbit, you can continuously flow the circuit at your own pace.

Accompanying Ebook
Pages: 18
File Size: 838KB
Format: .pdf


As of 2017 our guided meditations will only be available on our Etsy Store



 Please contact Nicola with any queries you may have


  • It is not possible to upload the audio files to Etsy due to the size. The links to the files will be sent to you through the Etsy convo system with 24 hours.
  • Internet access is required to download all of the files.
  • Please ensure you have the correct software installed on your computer/device to read a .pdf file.
  • MAC formats are not supported.
  • The audio files are only provided in an MP3 format.
  • All download sales are final.
  • No physical products are part of this sale.

By downloading the Inner Smile Guided Meditation you agree to the following points:

  1. I will consult with a health professional before commencing any internal qi gong work.
  2. I accept full responsibility for my actions in applying the techniques and will use common sense at each stage, asking for professional advice, should I need it.


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