Inner Smile Guided Meditation

Learn the Power of Smiling Inwardly

The Inner Smile meditation is a Taoist practice (passive Qigong) to help cleanse and purify the emotional, psychological and physical body.  We use a simple smile as a connection to inner healing for health, happiness and longevity. By focusing our smiling energy into the internal body we can learn how to:

  • Calm, level and balance the emotions
  • Regulate positive and negative emotions
  • Release tension and soften the internal body
  • Cleanse & purify the internal organs
  • Aid and cultivate inner Qi flow

This easy to follow set of audio meditation recordings will help you towards regular meditation practice, guiding you through step by step. Regular practice will help you level emotions, gain inner calm, learn to relax and reduce physical tension.  This download is suitable for complete beginners.

Download the Inner Smile meditation to practice at home.  Use over and over to help learn the meditation.  In-depth details on the Inner Smile meditation, noting the organs and associations can be found here.


1) Preparation
2) Smiling down the front line – organs and glands
3) Smiling down the mid line – digestive system
4) Smiling down the back line – brain and spinal cord
5) Storing Qi in the Dantian

- Extended Inner Smile Meditation -
Duration: 36 minutes
File Size: 84.3MB
Format: .mp3

- Short Inner Smile Meditation -
Duration: 10 minutes
File Size: 11.3MB
Format: .mp3

- Accompanying Ebook -
Page Number: 25.
File Size: 1.59MB
Format: .pdf

By downloading the Inner Smile Guided Taoist Meditation you agree to the following points:

  1. I will consult with a health professional before commencing any internal qi gong work.
  2. I accept full responsibility for my actions in applying the techniques and will use common sense at each stage, asking for professional advice, should I need it.