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  • Qi Gong Tai Chi Private Lesson IOW

    Private Tuition Isle of Wight

    1 Hour Outdoor Private Lesson £37 per hour

    Learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong on the Isle of Wight with instructor Nicola. Available outdoors across the island and open to all ages, abilities & fitness levels. Everyone can benefit from learning the traditional movement practices. Whether you are looking for traditional form training from the Chen Tai Chi syllabus, or to learn Qigong to support recovery from ill health or injury. Instructor Nicola supports you as an individual, in a person centred way, to ensure you are working towards your movement goals.

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  • Qi Gong Tai Chi Private Lesson Ryde

    Private Tuition Ryde

    1 hour Private Lesson in the Studio £48 per hour

    Learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the Ryde studio with instructor Nicola. Open to everyone, all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to learn the art of progressive relaxation with Qigong, or want to learn traditional Chen Tai Chi forms, or you live with chronic illness and would like to explore the Hibernating Bear programme. Nicola supports you as an individual with a person centred approach.

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  • Hibernating Bear 121 Lesson

    Hibernating Bear Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn to manage your health baseline with gentle and dynamic Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements. Hibernating Bear Tai Chi is for those living with chronic illness, degenerative health, during injury recovery, living with a different baseline from the norm, senior citizens and the elderly. These lessons are tailored individually to your physical ability, to help improve your quality of life. Learn in the comfort of your own home via Zoom in these 1-2-1 classes. Read about instructor Nicola’s own personal journey with chronic health. 

    Every movement I make in my practice has purpose, focus, principles and alignment. I meet each day no matter how challenging with hope and perseverance. My aim is to show people that there are other routes to improved health and wellbeing, rather than reliance on allopathic medicine and our crumbling health service.  Healthy, frequent and accurate Tai Chi/Qigong movements are a key part of my life and I hope that I can inspire others with my passion and dedication.” Nicola.

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  • Tai Chi Qigong Remote Lessons

    Distance Learning Tai Chi


    Private tuition via personalised video learning.

    Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Taoist meditation from wherever you live in the world.. This distance learning format is for students who live in a time zone that is outside of our UK schedule. You will learn remotely via personalised videos uploaded to the Tai Chi cloud.  You will be the type of person who enjoys working from a range of resources, is engaged in the learning process, is self led in your practice and happy videoing your progression. If you enjoy a challenge and like being active in your training, this is for you.

  • Livestream & Private Lesson

    Livestreams & Private Tuition

    Live Group Classes & 121 on Zoom.

    The ultimate self care Tai Chi and Qigong training package gives access to our live Zoom group classes, the video library and a one hour 1-2-1 private class on Zoom each month. Taking your training to the next level with in depth instruction and ongoing support from instructor Nicola.

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  • Taoist Meditation Private Class

    Meditation Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn effective methods to calm the mind and relax the body, from nourishing breath work, meditation for self compassion, to Taoist meditation practices. Join the class via Zoom and learn at your own pace, guided throughout by meditation instructor Nicola. These lessons are open to everyone, new beginners welcomed.

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  • Inner Smile Guided Meditation

    Inner Smile Guided Meditation

    Digital product download.

    The Inner Smile meditation is a guided Taoist meditation practice (passive Qigong) to help cleanse and purify the emotional, psychological and physical body. We use a simple smile as a connection to inner healing for health, happiness and longevity. A smile is the gateway to relaxation. By focusing our smiling energy into the internal body we can learn how to:

    • Calm, level and balance the emotions
    • Regulate positive and negative emotions
    • Release tension and soften the internal body
    • Cleanse & purify the internal organs
    • Aid and cultivate inner Qi flow
    Cost: £10.00

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  • Microcosmic Orbit Guided Meditation

    Microcosmic Orbit Guided Meditation

    Digital product download.

    The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is a Taoist internal energy practice to cleanse and purify the internal body using the major meridian channels in the body. By opening energy points along these channels we can clear blockages and remove stagnation allowing free flow of Chi in a circuit around the body. We learn to cultivate, refine and store Chi to aid our health, happiness and longevity. Regular practice will help you towards a greater feeling of grounding, connection and openness in the mind and body.

    Cost: £10.00

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  • Nourish through Breath Course

    Nourish through Breath Course

    Nourish through Breath Ebook & Video Lesson.

    Learn a variety of breathing practices that aid health, relaxation, focus and grounding.  In ancient Eastern cultures breathing is seen as fundamental to life-long health. Oxygen is vital to a healthy mind and body. Learn how to bring more oxygen into all body systems, how to switch on your natural relaxation response and how to improve toxin removal from your body. It’s all in the breath!

    Ebook Cost: £6.00 – Video Lesson Cost: £10.00

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  • Nourish through Breath Online Tuition

    Nourish Through Breath Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson.

    £37 – £45 per hour.

    In ancient Eastern cultures breathing is seen as fundamental to life-long health. This has become lost in the modern world, leaning more on pharmaceutical companies to provide us with ‘better health’. Learning to breathe more effectively can have a profound effect on how all of the systems in our body function. Oxygen intake is vital to staying alive.  In this meditation session you will learn to breathe correctly and be guided through a variety of breathing practices that aid relaxation, focus and grounding.  This lesson is for private online tuition where you will learn at your own pace and be guided throughout by meditation and Qigong instructor Nicola. These lessons are open to everyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing through effective breathing techniques.

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  • My Tai Chi Book

    Tai Chi Qigong Ebook

    Downloadable PDF file.

    Instructor Nicola has been a regular Tai Chi and Qigong blogger since 2010. This E-Book is a collection of her Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation musings, covering the learning process, expectations, principles and movements. Purchase of this book helps support this website and is an opportunity to read all of the articles in a formatted way without advertisements.

    Cost: £12.00

  • Winter Solstice Workshop 2023

    Winter Solstice Workshop


    Qigong & Meditation Live on Zoom

    Join me virtually on Zoom for an evening of nourishing breath work, relaxing Qigong and stillness meditation on the winter solstice 2023. Learn relaxing movement and stillness techniques to foster a calm state and release physical tension. Dip into the world of internal cultivation practices for health, happiness and longevity.

    In the Chinese calendar this is the time of absolute yin, known as Dong Zhi, with the shortest day and the longest night in the year. The yin yang symbol is a visual representation of the Chinese calendar, depicting the season changes. At the winter solstice the sun moves to the most southerly position of -23.5 degrees. It is a time of rebirth, where the days after begin to slowly lighten as we move forward into the winter season.

    In Chinese culture Dong Zhi is a time for festivities, family gatherings and a time for the farmers to prepare food for the upcoming cold winter weather.  The winter solstice is the turning point, when the shortest day comes and goes, a time to celebrate this time of yin, optimism and looking forward. Join my virtual Qigong gathering to celebrate the return of light.

    Friday 22 December at 6pm UK

  • Summer Solstice Meditation Workshop

    Summer Solstice Meditation

    Join me on Zoom for a session of nourishing breath work on the summer solstice 2023. Learn to relax the mind and release physical tension through breath work and balance the heart-mind.  In the Chinese calendar this is the time of absolute yang, known as Xiàzhì, and marks the beginning of summer with the longest day and the shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is the 10th solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, beginning on the 21 June and continuing for 15 days.  In ancient Chinese culture Xiàzhì is a time for festivities, family gatherings and a time for the farmers to pray to the god of agriculture for a fruitful harvest, and a time to honour their ancestors through worship.  Come along to my virtual classroom to celebrate the sun sitting over the Tropic of Cancer where it becomes the “upright pole with no shadows”.

    Thursday 22 June at 6pm UK