Chen Tai Chi 18 Form

Chen 18 Form

The Chen style 18 form was created by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family, the 11th generation direct-line successor of Chen family Taijiquan. He is one of the “Four Buddha Warriors of the Chen Village” and is certified as 8th Duan by the Chinese Wushu Association Duan Wei System. The Chen 18 Form is suited to beginner students as a simplified version of the 74 Form, Laojia Yi Lu. It has all of the elements of Chen style Tai Chi, yet takes less time to learn and the sequence is easier to follow.

For our student resources visit this page for more clips of the Chen 18 Form.  Here is a clip of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei performing the Chen 18 Form:

Chen Tai Chi - 18 Movement Short Form

  1. Preparing form - yu bei shi
  2. Buddha’s warrior attendant pounds mortar - jīn gang dao duì
  3. Lazily tying coat - lan zha yī
  4. Six sealings and four closings - liù fēng sì bì
  5. Single whip - dān biān
  6. White crane spreads its wing - s bái hè liàng chì
  7. Diagonal posture - xié xíng
  8. Brush knee - lōu xī
  9. Step to both sides - qián táng ào bù
  10. Hidden hand thrust punch - yan shou hōng chuí
  11. High pat on the horse - gao tan ma
  12. Left heel kick - zuo deng yi gen
  13. Jade maiden works the shuttle - you nu chuan suō
  14. Cloud hands - yun shou
  15. Turn body, double lotus kick - zhuan shen, bai lian
  16. Double cannon fists overhead - shuang tou pao
  17. Buddha’s warrior attendant pounds mortar - jin gang dao duì
  18. Finishing form - shōu shì

Learn Chen Tai Chi Online

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