Chen Tai Chi Foundations

Tai Chi Foundation

Chen style Tai Chi is an internal martial art, slowly moving the body in a relaxed yet powerful and aligned way, using coiling and spiralling movements.  The Chen foundation practices help build a strong, resilient and relaxed body to progress on to learning the Chen Tai Chi empty hand forms.

Chen Style Health Benefits

Expansion/compression of joints – Coiling of soft tissue - Lengthening connective tissue – Softening muscles - Relax the nervous system – Posture and structure - Whole body coordination – Focused concentration - Uninterrupted circular motion – Being present in the moment - Diaphragm breathing – Balance Yin Yang in the body.

Foundation Exercises

These preparatory exercises are an introduction to Chen style Tai Chi. They are easy to learn, symmetrical and repetitive, giving the student a good basic understanding of what makes a movement a 'Tai Chi' and the philosophy behind Chen style. These practices help the student develop the and improve their physical alignment, using the Tai Chi anatomy principles to guide their body into a new pattern. Both stillness and movement practices are trained combining posture with breathing and an increased physical awareness.  Suitable for anyone of any age, these movements are non-impact, slow, powerful and gentle on the body.

Loosening Exercises

Before you practice, take time to go through a series of joint loosening exercises to make the most out of your training session. Your body will be very grateful it is properly warmed up before you begin standing practice, silk reeling and the foundation movements.

Standing Practice

Traditional standing like a pole practice. This is the most important part of any student's training programme. Whether for 2-3 minutes or half an hour, standing practice is difficult, taxing and worth every drop of sweat. Who knew standing still could be so hard.

Silk Reeling Drills

Silk reeling is the signature movement of Chen style Tai Chi. Exercise drills are practiced on both sides of the body using spiralling body movements for strength and conditioning, learning the principles of Chen Tai Chi, relaxation, muscle memory and training to move with an aligned posture. All essential body mechanics to take into your Chen Tai Chi form practice.

Chen 5 Elements Form

Beginner students who have progressed through silk reeling and the foundation movements, move onto the Chen five elements form and then the Chen four corners form. These mini forms contain the first five movements of the short and long form. The five elements is made up of five key movements in Chen Tai Chi.

Chen 4 Corners Form

Students who have completed the Chen five elements, move onto the four corners. This adds on one transition movement to change direction by 90 degrees to the left, so that you can perform a continuous form around the four directions; north, south east and west.