Developed in 145 – 208, Wu Qin Xi uses imitations of animals as a basis for Qi Gong practice.  The 5 animals are; tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird.  We imitate the characteristics, spirit and physical movements of each animal for mental balance and physical ease, specifically aiding respiration, digestion, circulation, flexibility of the joints, spine health, leg strength, level emotions, clarity, fatigue and nervousness and anxiety.  There are two movements per animal to practice, each movement helps unblock meridian channels in the body and loosen areas of contraction and tension.  Each animal also relates to one of the five elements and five yin and five yang internal organs. Wu Qin Xi is promoted by the Chinese Health Qi Gong Association.  View the full resource webpage here.

The Five Animals Qigong Practice

Outlined below are the benefits of the Five Animals Qi Gong set, looking at Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and physical and mental health.

Adjust the Breath

1. Tiger

Yin Organ: Liver
Yang Organ: Gallbladder
Element: Wood

Raising the Tiger’s Paws

  • TCM; Sanjiao (thoracic and abdominal  cavities)
  • Organ: Liver (connecting eye movement), Lung system
  • Health; grip, circulation

Seizing the Prey

  • TCM; Dumai (governor vessel), Renmai (conception vessel)
  • Organ: Kidneys, Gallbladder
  • Health; circulation, waist, spine & lumbar, suppleness

2. Deer

Yin Organ:  Kidneys
Yang Organ: Bladder

Colliding the Antlers

  • TCM; Dumai (governor vessel) activating Yang Chi, Renmai (conception vessel), waist, kidney, coccyx, harmonize meridian Qi
  • Health; spine & lumbar, kidneys, mobility back and waist

Running like a Deer

  • TCM; Ming Men (DU-4), Dumai (governor vessel) activating Yang Chi, stimulate the meridian Qi in the 3 yin and 3 yang channels of the hand, for diseases of neck and shoulder
  • Health; neck, shoulder, waist, back spine, frozen shoulder

3. Bear

Yin Organ: Spleen
Yang Organ:

Rotate Waist like a Bear

  • TCM; Qi circulation in abdomen, spleen and stomach
  • Health; waist joints and muscles, lumbar, massage internal abdominal organs, digestion, appetite, constipation, elimination

Swaying like a Bear

  • TCM; Qi circulation, spleen and stomach function, nourish the liver and kidney, stimulate Liver Meridian.
  • Health; waist muscles, help strengthen/relax hip joint, strengthen leg muscles, balance, epigastric region

4. Monkey

Yin Organ: Heart
Yang Organ:
Small Intestines

Raising Monkey Paws

  • TCM; Qi circulation to the brain
  • Health; neuromuscular response, respiration, massage heart muscle, blood circulation in brain

Picking Fruit

  • TCM; Qi circulation to the brain
  • Health; blood circulation in brain, nervousness, depression, anxiety

5. Crane 

Yin Organ: Large Intestines
Yang Organ:
Element: Metal

Crane stretching Upwards

  • TCM; Qi and blood in all meridians, Dumai (governor vessel), Renmai (conception vessel)
  • Health; mobility, respiration, lung capacity, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema

Flying like a Crane

  • TCM; Qi to flow to Dantian, Qi into Lung meridian
  • Health; massage heart and lungs, respiration, lung capacity, blood oxygenation, balance

Convey Qi to Dantian

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