Student Etiquette

Tai Chi and Qigong Training Guidelines

  • Each student is responsible for paying their fees on time and of the correct amount.
  • Each student is required to book their place on a course or workshop in advance using the booking form.
  • If you arrive to a class/course or workshop without money to pay you fees, please do not take offence when we ask you to leave.
  • Drop-in fees are paid at the beginning of class.
  • Advance fees are due strictly one week prior to the course/workshop start date.
  • Please accept responsibility for keeping track of any payments due, especially the due dates when paying school fees in advance.
  • The majority of our venues are without a waiting room. Please wait outside until we open the doors or the previous class starts to leave.
  • Doors will be opened ten minutes before the class commences.
  • Your instructor will arrive early to set up the hall and carry out a health and safety check on the premises.
  • Please avoid entering a class that is in progress, as this disturbs the last moments of their class.
  • Please turn off your mobile phone before the class begins. If you are expecting an urgent call, please leave your phone on ‘vibrate’ and leave the hall discreetly to answer.
  • Please try and be punctual for your class. If you arrive late please join in as quietly as possible. Please do not arrive late on a regular basis.
  • We aim to start our classes as stated either on the hour or at half past the hour. Please bear in mind when classes run in succession there will be an interim period of students arriving and leaving.
  • Students who are leaving a class please leave as swiftly as possible to accommodate this, thank you.
  • Please respect the venue you train in and leave the facilities as you would expect to find them. If you accidentally damage something please let your instructor know immediately.
  • Your instructor is happy to answer any questions during class and if the answer is not known, we are always happy to find out for you.   It is the instructor’s role to pass on information and training methods as clearly as possible. It is your role as a student to ask if you do not understand what is being shown or said. Please ask constructive questions and remain respectful of your fellow students and instructor.
  • Please always give immediate feedback to your instructor regarding posture and alignment, especially regarding your knees. When moving outside of correct alignment, there is potential to risk injury. We strive to guide you into a correct posture, and need your feedback should a movement not feel right.
  • As a student, if you do not agree with the lesson content, or are unhappy following the exercises, persevere with your training as the reason may not be immediately obvious.  Tai Chi and Qigong movements are diverse and you may not favour all of them. It’s usually the movements we need to practice more, that we shy away from. Please wait until the class has finished to discuss this with your instructor.
  • To comment on the format or structure of your class, please speak to your instructor personally after the class has finished. We always welcome feedback and suggestions. We may be able to offer an immediate explanation, or will take your comments on-board.
  • Please inform your instructor if you plan to discontinue or take a break from class for any reason. We prefer to hear from you to gain your feedback and thank you personally for training with us.
  • Please treat all fellow students, visitors and instructors with courtesy, kindness, compassion and respect, regardless of experience, ability, age or gender.
  • During our warm-ups at the beginning of class we are more informal and light-hearted.  Our Qigong breathing sequence helps us focus and relax as preparation to start the main lesson content. During the learning stage of the class please avoid talking loudly or excessively with other students as you may distract them or miss what your instructor is saying. To study Tai Chi and Qigong requires a quiet and calm atmosphere, please help to create a productive learning environment.
  • Students should attend class with a willingness and eagerness to learn, a serious attitude, an open mind and a warm heart. Leave the day at the hall door and enter as a ‘blank slate’, you will leave the class feeling refreshed, energised and grounded.
  • Studying Tai Chi and Qigong are a life-long path.  Over the classes, you will encounter the same principles and teachings over and over again.  Like the layers of an onion, you will learn more in-depth detail as you revisit previous lessons and add to your knowledge and experience. This is the natural path of learning. Tai Chi and Qigong are not arts where you collect forms or sets, it is the depth of learning that we focus on.  Please stay attentive during class; throughout your Tai Chi journey you will cover principles and techniques that are familiar, use this as a chance to see how you can improve on what you already know.
  • When given an exercise or movement to practice, to gain the most from your training please stay focused on your own learning. Please continue to practice repetitively until your instructor advises.
  • Be aware of what your instructor and fellow students are doing during the class, you may gain new insight about your own timing, technique or positioning.
  • Please be willing to help your fellow students when requested by your instructor.  You will learn and refine your skills and experience by helping others.
  • Your instructor will give hands-on corrections during a class, or use a student to help demonstrate a technique. Working in pairs may also be part of your training as you progress. If you would prefer to train without any physical contact, or if you have an injury which might restrict you, please advise your instructor ahead of class.
  • Regular practice between lessons will consolidate your understanding and is valuable experience.  The phrase “I do not want to practice at home in-case I get it wrong” does not apply to Tai Chi or Qigong.
  • Please contact your instructor if you have any questions or problems regarding your training.   Please also read over ‘Struggle is Opportunity’, ‘It’s not a Quick Fix‘, ‘What is your Goal‘ and ‘When the Resources aren’t enough‘ to help understand our approach better.
  • Earth Balance Tai Chi reserves the right to expel any student for violation of the code of conduct or students who undermine or devalue our school philosophy.


Many thanks for your co-operation.

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