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Learn dynamic, relaxing and strengthening movements from the comfort of your own home with our Chen Tai Chi monthly subscription. Boost your immune system, reduce stress, strengthen your body, detox through movement, and soften physical tension. Learn traditional movements from the Chen Tai Chi syllabus and join instructor Nicola’s online Tai Chi community.

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What do you get in a monthly subscription?

Live Classes: 4 x 1 hour and 15 minute live streams per month.

Recorded Classes: 4 previous recordings available for one month.

Network: Access to our online Tai Chi community, a private group.

Start immediately

Cost: £40 per month subscription for 4 live stream lessons per month. Payment on a monthly automatic renewal.

Start with a trial

Trial: £5 for one live-stream class. After one week, £40 per month subscription for 4 live stream lessons per month. Payment on a monthly automatic renewal.

Instructor:  Nicola of Earth Balance Tai Chi.

Start Date: Starts 4 September 2022.

Lesson Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.

Zoom Livestream: Sundays at 10:15am – 11.30am.

Live-stream Time Zone: GMT + 1 (BST).

Video Catch Up: The live-streams will be recorded, you will have access to the previous 4 classes via Vimeo.  Once your subscription is active, you will be sent the Vimeo link (does not apply to the trial week).

Booking Notice: Your account needs to be set up manually. Please purchase your subscription with a minimum of 24 hours notice of the first livestream class you want to attend i.e. do not purchase the subscription on the day of the lesson. Thank you.

Contact: Any questions please contact Nicola here.

Live-Stream Format: Via Zoom. No student webcams or microphones on during the live-stream session. The class is open to questions through the chat.

Tai Chi Community: Once your monthly subscription is active you will be given access to our Tai Chi community network, where you will find study aids and resources. You can meet virtually and interact with your fellow students and instructor (does not apply to the trial week).

Suited To:  Everyone welcome. No experience needed. All of the movements will be performed standing up with stepping and walking exercises.

Space: You need enough room to step two to three times in any direction whilst moving your arms to the side and over-head.

Lesson Content: Loosening exercises and warm ups, Qigong exercises, breathing practice, standing practice, Chen Tai Chi silk reeling, Chen Tai Chi movements and small sections from the Chen 5, Chen 18 and Chen Laojia Yi Lu forms. To note I will not be teaching the Tai Chi forms from the beginning to end, this will remain within online private tuition.

Lesson Style: Casual study. These classes can be demanding on the body, they are not designed for those with serious chronic health or those who need to sit for the lesson, as these students will continue to be taught under private tuition.

Medical History: As with all medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health, please consult with your Doctor prior to starting a class. Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment.  Please advise instructor Nicola prior to class of any medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health that may prevent you from safely taking part.

Terms of Online Purchases

TermsBy subscribing to the livestream you are in agreement with the terms noted here.

Cancellations: Your subscription can be cancelled anytime, which will cancel your next monthly payment. You will continue to receive the livestream service until the end of your pre-paid month. No refunds permitted for cancelling mid subscription.

Payment: Automatic monthly subscription via PayPal.

Please Note: The cost takes into account four weeks of annual leave per year. Where possible when livestreams are unable to go ahead as planned, classes will be pre or post recorded and added to the Vimeo channel.

Live Stream: We use Zoom for the livestream. It is best to download and use the app/programme, as the browser version has a lag with audio/video.

Recordings: These will be available to watch via Vimeo.

Requirements: A good size PC monitor, a good internet connection and computer speakers. Best suited to a laptop or home PC. Mobile devices are not suitable for the livestream as the screen size is too small.

Legal: We are based in the UK and governed by UK jurisdiction.

Additional information


Tue 28 July 1-2pm, Tue 4 August 1-2pm, Tue 11 August 1-2pm

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