Living with EDS

During May 2014 it is Ehlers Danlos awareness month. I have written my account of living with EDS and wanted to share this with you all. Here is my story, it is a little raw and gives honest insight into what it means to live differently than the average.  This story was uploaded to the Ehlers Danlos support page and was shared with their members to raise awareness of this invisible illness.

As a Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation instructor, I live with hyper-mobility EDS and use the Classical Chinese arts to help ease the symptoms of skeletal, vascular, connective tissue, digestive and urinary dysfunction. EDS is a genetic ‘collagen’ defect in the DNA, resulting in a physical body that is not built correctly or completely, and behaves outside of the norm. The dysfunction on a cellular level cannot be rebuilt, the whole body is affected due to poor collagen levels. This causes chronic pain, acute pain, chronic muscular contraction, loose joints, unexplained injuries, unexplained pain, skin conditions, insomnia, chronic fatigue and more.  Think of the body without elastic, from the stomach, intestines, veins, joints, ligaments to skin and organs. The impact on physical, psychological and emotional health is vast. It is a daily challenge to navigate, with an ever changing unpredictable baseline.

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