Improving Health Naturally

Improving Health Naturally

Are you happy with your health? Imagine this scenario; 'You go to the Doctors surgery for a general check up with a few nagging problems and he offers you a course of tablets that could offer the following health benefits.  There aren't any side effects and the tablets are totally natural, would you take them?'

Of course you would. Except, the caveat of taking these 'pills' is that you have to make a commitment to yourself to get your body moving frequently if not daily, with diligence, discipline, accuracy and focus.

This list noted above are benefits of the ancient practices of Tai Chi and Qigong. Please note that 'accuracy' means you are moving with good posture, correct physical alignment, full diaphragm breathing and mind intent/focus. If you are waving your arms around following a DVD, this is probably more like line dancing NOT traditional Tai Chi or Qigong practice. Find out more about the meaning of qi gong.

Regular Tai Chi and Qigong practice may also help conditions such as EDS, hypermobility joint syndrome, osteoporosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Parkinson disease, heart failure, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, multiple sclerosis, vestibular disorder, diabetes, ADD and ADHD and stroke survivors.

In our modern world it is easy to become passive regarding our health and wellbeing, looking outside of ourselves for a quick fix, tablet or cure. We are losing the ability to listen to our bodies and take responsibility for our own health. Take a positive step today towards improved mind and body health; get moving, get focused and work towards maintaining your health, happiness and longevity.

* Please consult your doctor prior to taking part in any physical exercise if you are suffering from any injuries/ illnesses that may affect your ability to exercise.