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Hibernating Bear Tai Chi

Hibernating Bear Tai Chi

Do you live with chronic illness and want to try a different approach to building resilience in mind and body? The Hibernating Bear system draws from traditional Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation practices to help support chronic pain, chronic fatigue, those living with a different health baseline than the norm, senior citizens and the elderly. You can be proactive in your self care management and learn effective techniques that aid the physical and mental health symptoms of life long health challenges. Learn to move slowly whilst breathing deeply, connecting the whole body through a sophisticated system of movement. These ancient practices are as relevant to health in today's modern world as they were hundreds to thousands of years ago. Take a positive step towards empowering your health and wellbeing.

Hibernating Bear Tai Chi – What You Will Learn

In our online private tuition classes, the lesson content is tailored to your individual needs. Instructor Nicola follows a person centred teaching style, supporting your health baseline and physical ability through ebb and flow. Learn how to pace gracefully without crashing into the boom and bust cycle. Learn how posture, breathing and awareness apply to your daily life, and develop a movement and stillness routine that you can practice regularly to aid the symptoms of chronic health. This helps you regain some level of control over your experience, building a tool kit that you can use anytime to help. 

Our online group classes provide a variety of healthy gentle movements, both seated and standing, with relaxation techniques, deep breathing that foster mental calm and physical release. Learn to stop fighting the body through your pain experience and how to deeply relax the muscles and soft tissue through awareness and intention, unbinding years of chronic muscular contraction in a safe and low impact way.  Learn the importance of not pushing passed your body's tolerance, to avoid extremes and train moderately at 70-80%. Each week is a stand alone class that you can drop in and out of through Vimeo.

The Benefits Training with Chronic Health/Injury

It makes you focus on your physical alignment and your body awareness as you need to listen actively to the body as you exercise.  This awareness is at the very heart of Tai Chi and Qigong practice, connecting mind and body through intention and attention. There is nowhere to hide, discomfort is a constant reminder and diagnostic of how important well aligned movements are.  This helps guide your practice with gentle awareness and pacing to your unique baseline. Read my article 'Pain Instructs' and 'Chronic Pain'.

Breathing Qigong Movement

Health Benefits (to name a mere few)

  • Rotation of the joints
  • Correct skeletal alignment
  • Muscle flexibility, strength, unity and elasticity
  • Soft tissue fluidity
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing for organ and whole system health
  • Connect the mind, body and spirit
  • Develop right brain awareness
  • Blood and lymph fluid circulation
  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Whole body symmetry

Hibernating Bear Tai Chi is for students looking to/for…

  • Be flexible and adaptive in your Tai Chi and Qigong practice, to be able to sit or stand.
  • Aid recovery from injury or illness.
  • Help ease the symptoms of living with chronic or degenerative health conditions.
  • A more gentle and relaxed approach to exercise.
  • To gain confidence before attending a public class.
  • To get back into exercise after being sedentary.
  • Would like to learn in the privacy of the home.
  • A class where all ages and all abilities are welcome.

Live Online Tuition "From My Home to Yours"

Learn online in the privacy and comfort of your own home directly with instructor Nicola through Zoom video call. Hibernating Bear Tai Chi has been designed for students who live with a differing baseline from the norm. Covering the tools and techniques that aid your journey in self care health management. Your online class is one-to-one private tuition that is set to your pace, style of learning, needs and experience.

Visit the Hibernating Bear page in the webstore.

As with all medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health, please consult with your Doctor prior to starting a class. Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. This article is for information only and should not be taken as medical advice.

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