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Since I started my school in 2010, I have been a regular blogger on all things Chen Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and natural health. I have collated my blog posts into an E-Book, for those who would like a copy of my Tai Chi musings.  The majority of the content within the E-book can be found on my website. Purchase of this book helps support this website and my school, and it is a chance to read my articles in a formatted way that is also advert free. As I write more blog posts, I will keep adding to this E-book as my journey continues over the years.

Title: Tai Chi Qigong Musings 2010 - 2023

Author: Nicola of Earth Balance Tai Chi

Cost: £12.00

Number of pages: 337

Format: E-book. Downloadable digital PDF file.

Size: 19.8 MB

Purchase from: Etsy (no account needed).

Collated musings from my Tai Chi studio 2010 - 2023


- About me
- The anti guru
- Who I teach
- Tai Chi and Qigong
- What does Qigong mean?
- How do you do what you do?
- Finding a Tai Chi instructor

Learning Process
- Managing expectations
- Health baselines
- The art of pacing
- Blend to green
- What is your goal?
- Method not mimic
- I forgot the moves
- Struggle is opportunity
- Challenges
- Motivation
- Fixed versus growth mindset
- When resources aren’t enough
- It’s not a quick fix
- Secret training
- Ebb and flow

- Tai Chi stillness principles
- Tai Chi Movement principles
- Expansive structure / Peng jin
- Applied Relaxation / Fang song
- Rooting / Chen
- Upright spine / Ding
- Body awareness
- Qi Gong principles

- Zhan Zhuang
- Knees
- Hips
- Spine
- Physical symmetry
- Prolonged Sitting
- Fall prevention

Healthy Body
- Improving health naturally
- Building resilience
- Detox through movement
- Immune system
- The psoas muscle
- Injury recovery
- Organ health
- Senior citizens
- Pregnancy
- Tai Chi does not heal
- Cross lateral movements

- Self managing chronic pain
- Pain instructs
- The healing response
- Chronic pain

- The power of breathing
- The relaxation response
- The absence of resistance

Mind Body Connection
- Happy brain chemicals
- What is stress
- Ways to relieve stress
- Anxiety and depression
- Depression: student experience
- For over thinkers
- Deception training
- Slowing down in a fast world

Health Conditions
- Ankylosing spondylitis
- Arthritis
- Cancer
- Chronic fatigue syndrome: student experience
- Chronic fatigue: living well with
- Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS)
- Self managing EDS
- EDS: living with
- Fibromyalgia
- Heart failure
- Hypermobility joint syndrome (HJS)
- Parkinson’s disease
- Parkinson’s disease: student experience
- Hibernating bear

- Types of meditation
- Taoist meditation
- Inner smile
- Smiling benefits
- Why smile to our organs
- Six healing sounds
- Microcosmic orbit
- Meditate on love
- Meditation myths
- Compassion

Seasonal Qigong
- Spring
- Summer
- Autumn
- Winter
- Season Transitions

The Classical Chinese Arts
- Qigong wall squatting
- Chen Tai Chi
- Chen Tai Chi warm ups
- Importance of silk reeling
- Peng lu ji an
- Cloud hands
- Chen 5 elements form
- Chen 4 corners form
- Chen 18 form
- Chen 74 form
- Health qigong
- Eight pieces of brocade qigong
- Five animals qigong
- Qigong for women
- Trigrams
- Eight energy circle walking
- Nourish through breath


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