Music for your Practice

It’s always difficult to find good quality new music for your Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  Recently I stumbled across, the composer Nick has created a series of relaxation albums that are first-rate.  I thought to share these with you all to help enhance your Tai Chi experience. In my personal practice when the heavens are raining down, I enjoy creating an indoor space that appeals to all of my senses, from sounds, to aromas, comfort and ambience.  I bring this into my classes to share what the experience can become. This is where great music comes in!

My practice is not only to continue studying and learning the Classical Chinese arts, but it is also a way to step outside of the world into a place that is just for me.  It’s somewhere that remains a ‘steady constant’ no matter what goes by, it’s my retreat, my meditation, my relaxation, where I find myself, where I let go of myself and where I feel most connected and true to nature.  To return again and again to a natural state of being…… that’s why I practice.

My favourite album by Aroshanti is Tao Relaxation, it’s the perfect combination of soft tones, a meditative pace and gentle melody.  For me, this album has really captured the spirit of powerful mindful movement, intention and grace. The notes bring forth a sense of connection and grounding, aiding true relaxation of both mind and body.  I am delighted to have found music that fits so well with how Tai Chi and Qigong ‘feel’ to me.  To listen to samples of Tao Relaxation visit There is also a great youtube clip as below, featuring some of the tracks from the same album.

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