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Learn to Breathe Well for Life

Learn to Breathe Well for Life

In ancient Eastern cultures breathing is seen as fundamental to life-long health. This has become lost in the modern world, leaning more on pharmaceutical companies to provide us with 'better health'. Learning to breathe more effectively can have a profound effect on how the systems in your body function. Oxygen intake is vital for all body functions to work. By breathing shallowly into the upper chest without knowledge or awareness of what you are doing, over the years this habit becomes 'set' and it is difficult to regain a 'full' breath. As a consequence the ageing process can be hastened and your health may deteriorate. This course will teach you how to breathe better for optimum health.

A wellness programme in breathing for health

Over the last 10 years, instructor Nicola has taught her 'Nourish through Breath' programme in community workshops, to online groups and on a one to one basis as online private tuition. Nicola has distilled her experience, study and practice to help you make a positive step towards improving your mind and body health. Breathing better is the simplest thing you can do to have a positive impact! Everyone can learn effective breathing techniques, there is no need for any equipment, you DO NOT need to exercise or move, you can even lie down whilst you do it. 

What happens when you breathe poorly?

  • Respiratory disease.
  • Heart disease.
  • Raised cholesterol.
  • Lack of energy, sluggishness and lethargy.
  • Poor oxygen supply to the whole body.
  • Absence of clarity and alertness.
  • Inflexible, weak and tight muscles (torso).
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Brain does not have enough oxygen supply.
  • All body systems lose effective function.

ONLINE Nourish Through Breath

The complete course is available to view on this website. It is split into a six part blog article series. Click on the links below to view each stage of the course and follow along with easy to learn techniques to help you breathe better.

OFFLINE Nourish Through Breath

There is the option to purchase a downloadable copy of the E-book and MP3 audio breathing chimes. The links are below. The full video course is also available to purchase, as well as the option of private online tuition.

  • Cost: £10.
  • Cost:  £6.
  • Cost: £37 - £45 per hour.

The Power of Breath Work Practices

* Please note that this programme is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please speak with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise or meditation programme. This article is for information purposes only and must not be taken as medical advice. *

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