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Video Tai Chi Qigong Classes

For students wishing to purely study from the Tai Chi, Qigong and Taoist meditation video course and audio resources in our school library. The Mountain Patreon subscription tier gives access to our video and audio resource library. Watch via video on demand anytime on any device. Livestream recordings are in 1080p HD.

Mountain Tier on Patreon

£10 pcm + VAT


Patreon Subscription Students – Video Library

 Here is the list of video and audio resources available so far:

The livestream classes will still remain under the YIN, YANG, HEAVEN student tiers.

Mountain Patreon Subscription

  • Cost: £10 per month + VAT subscription.
  • Access: To the school video library.
  • Access: To our online Tai Chi & Qigong community, a private network and support group.
  • Access: To patron only posts and resources.
  • Join Here

More Details

Requirements: A good size PC monitor, a good internet connection and computer speakers. Best suited to a laptop or home PC. Mobile devices are not suitable for the livestream as the screen size is too small.

Suited To:  No experience needed. All of the movements will be performed standing up with stepping and walking exercises. You must be able to stand and move around for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The movements can be demanding on the body. This livestream class is not suitable for students with complex chronic health, who will continue to be taught under private tuition.

Space: You need enough room to take a few steps in any direction.

Medical History: As with all medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health, please consult with your Doctor prior to starting a class. Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment.  Please advise instructor Nicola prior to class of any medical conditions, injuries and/or ill-health that may prevent you from safely taking part.

Caveat: Please note that learning online is not a replacement for in person classes. Tai Chi and Qigong should ideally be taught in a hands on manner, where movement, posture and alignment corrections are given and shown physically.

Contact: Any questions please contact Nicola here.

Patreon Payment Terms

Fees: Monthly automatic renewal via Patreon. Cancellations apply from the next month.  Please read Patreon’s subscription terms here.

Legal: We are based in the UK and governed by UK jurisdiction.

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