Chen Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Tai Chi

Movement and Stillness for Life-Long Health

Encouraging Daily Practice of the Classical Chinese Arts

Chen Tai Chi is an internal martial art, where the body moves in a relaxed yet powerful way, using coiling movements, an aligned structure and body mechanics to generate, absorb and redirect power.  The style includes fajin, known as energy release, with some movements being performed fast. The signature of Chen Tai Chi is the silk reeling spirals, the foundation of every movement. These are practised in drills and exercises unilaterally on each side of the body, before being applied to the empty hand forms, weapons, partner work and push hands.

Chen style Tai Chi originates from the Chen Village (Chen Jia Gou) in China, dating from around 600 years ago. Chen is a family name in Chinese, with the style of Tai Chi belonging to the Chen family.  It is seen as the mother of contemporary Tai Chi, with the styles Yang, Wu and Sun drawing influence from the Chen family. Find out more about the historical lineage of Chen style Tai Chi.

Health Benefits



  • reduce stress
  • reduce fatigue
  • level and soften emotions
  • emotional and trauma release
  • increase clarity
  • healthy distraction
  • focus on the present
  • increase focused concentration
  • lengthen attention span
  • develop mind intent
  • boost brain health
  • improve brain agility
  • fire up atrophied neural pathways
  • healthy distraction
  • build mental resilience


Chen Principles

Our Chen Syllabus

Our Classes - Ways to Learn

Instructor Nicola helps students progress through the traditional principles of Chen style silk reeling and forms, teaching through a hands-on method rather than ‘watch and follow‘. Lessons start with traditional Chen warm up exercises that loosen every major joint in the body. Next a Qigong breathing session, focusing on relaxation, softening the body, lowering the heart rate and slowing the breath. Progressing to ‘Standing Practice’ (Zhan Zhuang). Moving onto the silk reeling drills, the signature movement of Chen style. The main content covers the Chen Tai Chi movements, body method, principles and the empty hand forms. Study in private tuition or in group classes. Find out more by clicking the graphics below.

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