Chen Style Warm Ups

Tai Chi Warm Ups

Chen Style Warm Ups

Joint Loosening Exercises

Sharing with you a number of online resources for Chen style Tai Chi warm ups.  These are a variety of body loosening exercises that we start all of our classes with, warming up every major joint in the body prior to practicing Tai Chi and Qigong movements.

Taoist Opening Exercises

View Grand Master Chen Zhenglei performing Taoist Opening Exercises including Chen Tai Chi Warm Ups and Qigong Breathing

1. Wrists
2. Silk reeling hips, gathering hands
3. Roll shoulders, arms on shoulder joint – forward / backwards
4. Fist/hands to open shoulders
5. Turn waist with arms up
6. Floppy arms
7. Circle hips
8. Lunges
9. Standing width - circle knees inwards / outwards
10. Feet together - circle knees inwards / outwards
11. Circle ankles
12. Shake out
13. Qigong breathing
14. Collect hands on Dantian

Grand Master Chen Zhenglei Warm Up Exercises

From the book Taiji for Health

1. Circling Head
2. Wrist Rotating
3. Roll wrists and hands
4. Arm Circling around Elbow
5. Shoulder Stretch
6. Double Arm Stretching
7. Side Stretch
8. Chest Stretch
9. Side Turning
10. Arms Relaxed Body Turning
11. Hips Circling
12. Bend Forwards
13. Arm / Hip Thrust
14. Arms / Kick Back
15. Flick/shake hands to front
16. Leg Stretch
17. Knee Stretch
18. Ankles Rotating
19. Hands Kick Forwards
20. Flick/shake hands to front

Master Wang Hai Jun

For a list of warm up exercises visit this link.

View over various Chen warm ups below

A Youtube Clip of General Loosening Exercises


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