Organ Health in Taiji Qigong

There are over 70 organs in the human body which work together to keep us alive. The core of our health and longevity stems from how well our internal organs function.  Poor lifestyle can reduce the effectiveness of our organs leading to ill-health and reduced wellbeing.   In the practices of Tai Chi and Qigong, the movements involve a deep massaging action of the internal organs which aids whole body health. Not all exercises or sports move the body in such a way that have a powerful effect on the health of your internal body.

Bio-mechanic Perspective

In Tai Chi and Qigong we move the body in a unique way, expanding and compressing, spiralling and coiling with deep diaphragm breathing. This massages the internal organs with an action like a turning hydraulic press. During the closing part of a movement the internal organs are squeezed pushing out blood, toxins and fluids. During the opening part of a movement the squeeze on the internal organs is released drawing in new blood, nutrients and fluids. This pumping action helps the organs stay healthy by encouraging them to detoxify and cleanse. Without this type of deep and powerful body movement, areas of stagnation can build up, removing their ability to function properly and has a knock on effect to all body systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

In passive Qigong methods like the six healing sounds and the inner smile, the organs are associated with positive and negative emotions.  By visualising on the organs during a meditation this can help to remove any excess of emotions, soften any Qi stagnation built up and bring each organ back into balance.

In active Qigong methods like the 8 Pieces of Brocade, 5 Animal Frolics and Qigong for Women, the movements relate to a particular Yin or Yang organ and meridian channels. There are 12 meridian channels in the body that each relate to an internal organ. Our physical, emotional and spiritual health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is determined by the free flow of Qi along these channels and in the organs.

Deliberate focused accurate movements in Tai Chi and Qigong stimulate Qi flow, help to cultivate Qi and remove stagnation or blockages in the body, thus helping the internal organs and body systems to function properly.

Live Online Tuition – Qigong

Instructor Nicola is passionate about sharing qigong with her students. She provides live online private tuition using Skype and/or Facebook video call. Teaching you ancient Taoist movements that will help you towards a regular qigong practice. Your online class is one-to-one private tuition that is set to your pace, style of learning, needs and experience, all from the comfort of your home.

New beginners are encouraged, this service is open to everyone no matter age, fitness level nor ability. Learn authentic healthy movements in your own home and join Nicola’s community of students on a journey to improved health and wellbeing. Visit the Qigong section in the webstore to book your lesson.

Live Online Tuition – Chen Tai Chi

Instructor Nicola is passionate about sharing Chen style Tai Chi with her students. Following the forms of Grand Master Chen Zhenglei she provides live online private tuition using Skype and/or Facebook video call. The types of live online lessons offered are Chen Tai Chi for previous students/those with experience and Hibernating Bear Tai Chi.

Nicola helps students progress through the traditional principles of Chen style silk reeling and the empty hand forms, teaching through a hands-on method rather than ‘watch and follow‘. Lessons start with traditional Chen warm up exercises that loosen every major joint in the body. Next a Qigong breathing session, focusing on relaxation, softening the body, lowering the heart rate and slowing the breath. Progressing to ‘Standing Practice’ (Zhan Zhuang), a static Qigong posture as a meditation and stillness exercise. Moving onto Silk Reeling Drills, the signature movement of Chen style and then the main content of her lessons covers the empty hand form.

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