Help Reduce Stress

Do you have a spare 5, 10 or 15 minutes today?  What are you doing whilst the kettle is boiling?  Can you grab 15 minutes of privacy?  Whilst the dinner is in the oven can you take 10 minutes ‘me time’?  You don’t always have to dedicate 1 hour to your daily practice, a short 5 minutes a few times a day can also be an effective stress reducer.  Choose one or all of these ideas to help reduce stress;

1. Practice your Tai Chi form to help relax your body and mind; kick starting your parasympathetic system, increasing blood flow and oxygen levels.

2.  Deep belly breathing in a circular motion; slowing down your heart rate, helping you increase oxygen levels and massaging your organs for nourishment.

3. Meditate; in your sitting or standing posture, close your eyes, close your mouth gently, start to breath deeply into the stomach, imagine you’re breathing into the lower Dan Tian, relax all your muscles whilst maintaining your structure

4. Silk reeling energy, focusing on moving from the core and meditative flow of movement.

5. For women, from Tina Zhang’s Earth Qi Gong for Women set, try the ‘Concentrated Mind’ pratice.  This is one of my favourites if I’ve been sat at a desk for an hour or two and need to reset the mind and body.

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