Chen Tai Chi 5 Elements

Chen Tai Chi is a powerful internal martial art that combines silk reeling energy spiralling movements, dynamic stances with deep breathing, mind intent and martial spirit. New beginner students in Chen style Tai Chi learn foundation exercises and the first five movements of the Laojia Yi Lu form known as the Chen 5 Elements. Each of the Chen forms starts with the same five movements. These become the basis for all Chen Tai Chi practice, and contains signature movements of the traditional style.

Move 1. Preparing Form

  • The transition from the outside world into body awareness.
  • Settling the mind down to the lower Dantian.
  • Introduction to a side step.
  • Introduction to the kua squat.
  • Introduction to coordination of the arms and squat.

Move 2. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pound's Mortar

  • Learn to stabilise the knees.
  • Practice moving the arms in unison governed by the waist.
  • Introduction to the peng lu silk reeling drill.
  • Develop alignment, balance and stability to stand on one leg.
  • Introduction to a forwards bow stance step.
  • Introduction to the empty step.
  • Introduction to the pound mortar stomp.

Move 3. Lazy about Tying Coat

  • Introduction to continuity in movement: different speeds of arms movements with different choreography.
  • Introduction to a side bow stance step.
  • Develop stabilising the knees.
  • Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
  • Introduction to foot pivoting.

Move 4. Six Sealings and Four Closings

  • Introduction to the four direct martial applications: peng, lu, ji, an.
  • Introduction to the silk reeling drill: peng, lu, ji, an.
  • Develop stabilising the knees.
  • Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
  • Develop the empty step.

Move 5. Single Whip

  • Introduction to the hook palm.
  • Introduction to equal and opposing strength in application.
  • Develop side bow stance step.
  • Introduction to horse stance.
  • Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
  • Develop foot pivoting.

Chen Tai Chi 5 Elements Form - Ways to Learn

Instructor Nicola teaches the 5 Elements form through video on demand classes via Vimeo. The recordings are in HD1080p and can be viewed on any device.  Open to new learners, learn signature Chen Tai Chi choreography, develop the principles of alignment and body mechanics from the comfort of your own home. Study Tai Chi in a structured way through a hands-on method rather than ‘watch and follow‘. With in depth instruction and multiple view points considered in our virtual studio.  Follow along to develop your beginners Tai Chi form.

Purchase on Vimeo

The Chen Tai Chi 5 elements and 4 corners form are available to purchase as a 6 part video course on Vimeo. Available as video on demand.

Livestream Subscription

Students on the monthly livestream subscription gain access to our library of classes, including the 6 part video series of the Chen 5 elements and the Chen 4 corners form.

  • YIN: £17 pcm + VAT for videos on demand.
  • YANG: £34 pcm + VAT for live Zoom classes & videos on demand.
  • Subscribe: Here.

Private Tuition

Learn the Chen Tai Chi 5 elements and 4 corners form directly with instructor Nicola via Zoom with 1-2-1 guidance and support.

  • Cost: £37 to £45 per hour.
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Distance Learning

Learn via personalised videos with 1-2-1 guidance and support, for students who live outside of the UK time zone.

  • Cost: £45 per class
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