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Tai Chi Qigong Zoom Classes

Tai Chi Qigong Zoom Classes

Join our weekly online classes from the UK, where you can study Chen Tai Chi foundations and forms, Qi Gong routines and hibernating bear for relaxation and health. All guided by instructor Nicola of Earth Balance Tai Chi. Create momentum with your training and take a positive step towards health and wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. Study via 2 x live classes per week on Zoom and 2 x videos on demand per week on Vimeo. Never miss a class as all recordings are available on catch up for 1 month. 

Receive in-depth instruction via web cam, with step by step choreography, learning how to apply the principles and develop the body mechanics. The classes are open to all levels of students, from new beginners upwards, we all train, practice and learn together. Join anytime!

New students can try out a live class for £5. Choose from Friday morning Qigong at 9.45am or Sunday morning Tai Chi at 10.15am.


Chen Tai Chi Foundations - Sundays 10.15am - 11.30am
  • Format: Live stream on Zoom. Interactive via web camera.
  • Content: Foundations / Jibengong.

For Chen Tai Chi students of all levels, where we come together to train silk reeling, form movements and small sections of the short form. Give momentum to your home practice. Learn to develop the principles and body mechanics of Chen Tai Chi guided by webcam. Designed for small spaces, stepping a few paces in each direction. Beginners welcome. Ongoing.

Chen Tai Chi Form - Video on Demand
  • Format: Catch up on Vimeo.
  • Content: Form / Tao Lu.

These classes are formal study, learning the Chen Tai Chi forms with structured progression week by week. Designed for students who enjoy a challenge and are keen to learn a traditional routine. The sessions are pre-recorded weekly and uploaded to watch on Vimeo. Students can send questions & videos to instructor Nicola via email, who will bring these learning points in to the next session. The Chen 5 elements form is available to all subscription students as video on demand, and is suited to new beginners. The Chen 15 Form, the first section of Laojia Yi Li is scheduled September to November 2023.


Earth Qigong for Women Fridays 9.45am - 11.00am

Format: Live stream on Zoom. Interactive via web camera.

Learn powerful and dynamic movements to support female health across all age groups. Learn the complete routine of Earth Qigong for Women and the eight energy circle walking routine movements on rotation. Open to women of all ages to strengthen and nourish. Beginners and seasoned students all welcome. Scheduled January to March 2023.  Returning in September to November 2023.

Eight Energy Circle Walking Fridays 9.45am - 11.00am

Format: Live stream on Zoom. Interactive via web camera.

The Qigong for Women live stream class will rotate into circle walking Qigong during December 2023.  Learn to connect the upper and lower body, increase circulation, gain energy and harmonise the activities of the brain and heart. The external movements exercise the whole body, coiling and spiralling to help coordination and balance.  The internal movements help calm the mind, drop tension from the organs and open the energy channels. Beginners welcomed. Scheduled over 4 weeks in December 2023.

Five Animals Qi Gong Fridays 9.45am - 11.00am

Format: Live stream on Zoom. Interactive via web camera.

A dynamic and energising Qi Gong routine imitating the five animals: tiger, deer, bear, monkey and crane. Relating to the 5 element theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this set is a health preservation exercise system.  Beginners welcome. Scheduled June to August 2023. More details.


Hibernating Bear - Thursdays Video on Demand

Format: Catch up on Vimeo.

A more gentle approach to traditional Tai Chi and Qigong training, with a mixture of seated and standing exercises with time to relax, breathe and release. Guiding you through gentle tension relief with dynamic movements that nourish the body. Open to all abilities, anyone can join in, whether living with chronic illness, chronic pain and chronic fatigue, or for those wanting to calm the mind and release the body. This class does not teach complete Qi Gong routines. Beginners and seasoned students all welcome. Ongoing.


The monthly YANG subscription gives you open access to 16 livestream classes, with 8 live on Zoom and 8 video on demand each month, all catch up videos on Vimeo for one month, and access to ad-hoc online workshops.  The livestream classes are interactive, with students web cameras on to receive guidance and feedback during the lesson, and the added function of asking questions through the chat function on Zoom.  There is also a private network group for peer and teacher support in between classes.

The monthly YIN subscription gives you open access to all of the catch up videos for one month on Vimeo. There is also a private network group for peer and teacher support in between classes. This is a more affordable learning option for offline classes.


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