Chen Tai Chi 15 Form Course

Video on Demand / Downloadable Video Course.

Welcome to my traditional Chen Tai Chi short form course. Join me, instructor Nicola from my virtual studio and learn from the comfort of your own home. Delve into the world of an aligned posture, body mechanics and silk reeling spirals. Follow along with detailed instruction and common adjustments. Designed for students who enjoy a challenge.

Cost: £45

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Ways to Learn the Chen 15 Form

Instructor Nicola teaches the Chen 15 short form via:

  1. Private tuition via Zoom.
  2. Purchase the Chen 15 form course on Vimeo, access via video on demand anytime and download the videos to watch offline (purchase via this page).
  3. Livestream students can access this course anytime in the video library, where any questions you have can be brought into the Saturday Tai Chi class.

Chen Tai Chi is a powerful internal martial art that combines slow movements, silk reeling spirals, dynamic stances with deep breathing, mind intent and martial spirit. The Chen 15 form video course covers the first fifteen movements of the “Old Frame First Routine” form (Laojia Yi Lu). This course includes the Chen 5 Elements and the Chen 4 Corners, as these “mini” forms are the first five movements of all Chen Tai Chi forms. Find out more about the learning process in the Chen 15 form here.

The course duration totals 10 hours 19 minutes plus five performance videos. You can watch the videos on any device through Vimeo whether mobile or PC desktop, or download them as MP4 files to watch offline. Available in High Definition 1080p.

Chen 15 Short Form


Move 1. Preparing Form (47 mins)

– The transition from the outside world into body awareness.
– Settling the mind down to the lower Dantian.
– Introduction to a side step.
– Introduction to the kua squat.
– Introduction to coordination of the arms and squat.

Move 2. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pound’s Mortar (1 hour 9 mins)

– Learn to stabilise the knees.
– Practice moving the arms in unison governed by the waist.
– Introduction to the peng lu silk reeling drill.
– Develop alignment, balance and stability to stand on one leg.
– Introduction to a forwards bow stance step.
– Introduction to the empty step.
– Introduction to the pound mortar stomp.

Move 3. Lazy about Tying Coat (1 hour 19 mins)

– Introduction to continuity in movement: different speeds of arms movements with different choreography.
– Introduction to a side bow stance step.
– Develop stabilising the knees.
– Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
– Introduction to foot pivoting.

Move 4. Six Sealings and Four Closings (43 mins)

– Introduction to the four direct martial applications: peng, lu, ji, an.
– Introduction to the silk reeling drill: peng, lu, ji, an.
– Develop stabilising the knees.
– Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
– Develop the empty step.

Move 5. Single Whip (1 hour 1 min)

– Introduction to the hook palm.
– Introduction to equal and opposing strength in application.
– Develop side bow stance step.
– Introduction to horse stance.
– Develop silk reeling lower body motion.
– Develop foot pivoting.


Move 6. Transition to 4 Corners (10 mins)

– Review of peng lu silk reeling drill.
– Introduction to changing directions.
– How to join the form together into a continuous loop.
– Formal closing.

– CHEN 15 FORM –

Move 6. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar (21 mins)

– Review changing directions.
– Review of move 2.

Move 7. White Crane Spreads its’ Wings (51 mins)

– Introduction to stepping backwards.
– Introduction to rooting.

Move 8. Diagonal Posture / Diagonal Step (1 hour)

– Introduction to diagonal stance.
– Review of negative circle palms.
– Review of hook palm.

Move 9. Embrace Knee (34 mins)

– Introduction to chopping palms.
– Review of empty stance.

Move 10. Step Forwards Three Times (51 mins)

– Introduction to walking forwards.
– Review of rooting.

Move 11. Diagonal Posture (7 mins)

– Review of move 8.

Move 12. Embrace Knee (4 mins)

– Review of move 9.

Move 13. Step Forwards Three Times (6 mins)

– Review of move 9.

Move 14. Hidden Thrust Punch (47 mins)

– Review of lower body silk reeling.
– Wuji stance punch drill.
– Silk reeling punch drill.
– Body mechanics for punching slowly.

Move 15. Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar (26 mins)

– Introduction to diagonal silk reeling drill.
– Coordinating the sweeping palm and foot.
– Transition movement.
– Review of move 2.

Formal Closing (3 mins)


– Performance Video 1: Chen Tai Chi 5 Elements Form.
– Performance Video 2: Chen Tai Chi 4 Corners Form.
– Performance Video 3: Chen Tai Chi 15 Form – Modified for Indoors.
– Performance Video 4: Chen Tai Chi 15 Form – Front View.
– Performance Video 5: Chen Tai Chi 15 Form – Back View.



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– Videos are available to download as .MP4 files.
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