Nourish through Breath Programme

- The foundation of life long health -

Diaphragmatic breathing is the foundation of life long health and wellbeing.  Instructor Nicola has created this course to help you:

  • learn what happens to your health if you breathe poorly over time
  • learn how to breathe properly
  • learn how to regulate and control the breath
  • learn how to apply the techniques to daily life

It seems like a simple thing to say "breathe better", yet most people breathe poorly and shallowly into the upper chest without awareness. Over time, the 'skill' of breathing that we had naturally as a baby becomes lost, and in turn the torso muscles and connective tissue become stuck, which means even if you wanted to, you are unable to take a full breath. Times that by a few decades and a sedentary lifestyle and you have a problem. There is more to breathing that it may seem.

If you are unwell, will your doctor discuss how diaphragmatic breathing is to vital to health, recovery, ability to detox and the effectiveness of your immune system?  Most likely not.  Whenever I teach this programme, people ask me why is this not taught to the general public?  It may be because there is no money in it.  Breathing is free. Today's allopathic medical industry is far away from natural and holistic health. It is focused on isolated symptoms and pharmaceutical solutions.  This programme helps you take back your natural ability to improve all of the functions of your body.  If breathing was marketed, this may be the result ->

Every mind body practice includes co-ordinated breathing as a discipline, whether yoga, pilates, Tai Chi, Qi gong, martial arts, meditation and mindfulness etc. Connecting to the diaphragmatic breath is a powerful way to improve your mind and body health, as well as being a fantastic practice for relaxing and grounding.  In this programme you will try out a variety of breathing techniques that are easy to learn. As my background is Tai Chi and Qigong, the techniques stem from Traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist methods.  I pass on the mechanics to take a full breath, that over time will become autonomous. Through these techniques you will increase you body awareness and sensitivity.

Bring more oxygen into the brain and body - Slow down the ageing process

Reduce fatigue - Gain energy  - Lessen chronic pain

Activate your natural relaxation response - De stress - Truly relax

Learn how the breath assists the lymph system to increase your ability to naturally detox

Recovery - Repair - Rejuvenate

When incapacitated, you may not be able to do anything physical.  I have worked with students across a broad range of health challenges, from physical injury, through to degenerative and terminal health. At the very core of my teachings is the breath. Anyone can learn to breathe better. It's the one thing you continue to do when you cannot do anything else. If you are bed bound, training the breath or using the breath as a meditation practice helps regain some of the control you may feel you have lost. The techniques do not need to be complicated, a simple deep abdominal breath over 20 minutes whilst relaxing does wonders. It is the gateway to recovery.

What's in the Ebook?


  • Nourish through Breath Ebook: 49 pages / 47 images.

  • Training the Breath: 3 x audio files, each 20 minutes of timed chimes.

  • X

  • Cost:  £12.

What's in the Course?


  • Nourish through Breath Ebook: 49 pages / 47 images.

  • Training the Breath: 3 x audio files, each 20 minutes of timed chimes.

  • Videos: Breathing instruction.

  • Cost: £20

What's in Online Tuition?


  • Nourish through Breath Ebook: 49 pages / 47 images.

  • Training the Breath: 3 x audio files, each 20 minutes of timed chimes.

  • Private Tuition: Via Zoom.

  • Cost: £32 - £40 per hour

* Please note that this programme is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please speak with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise or meditation programme. This article is for information purposes only and must not be taken as medical advice. *