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  • Livestream & Private Lesson

    Livestreams & Private Tuition

    Live Group Classes & 121 on Zoom.

    The ultimate self care Tai Chi and Qigong training package gives access to our live Zoom group classes, the video library and a one hour 1-2-1 private class on Zoom each month. Taking your training to the next level with in depth instruction and ongoing support from instructor Nicola.

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  • Chen Taiji Online Private Lesson

    Chen Tai Chi Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn Chen style Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home via Zoom with instructor Nicola. Progress through the Chen Tai Chi syllabus at your own pace and develop authentic Tai Chi movements and skills. Learn the signature Chen style body mechanics, principles of movement, silk reeling drills, Zhan Zhuang and the empty hand forms. This online private class is for the type of person who enjoys being engaged in the learning process and active in their training.

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  • Chen Tai Chi Silk Reeling 121 Lesson

    Silk Reeling Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn Chen style Tai Chi silk reeling energy exercises via Zoom with instructor Nicola. This series of repetitive spiralling qigong movements develop integrated strength, body awareness, unity in movement, co-ordination, stability, balance, dynamic relaxation, grounding and breath work. They are the foundation movement of Chen style Tai Chi and are also known as Chan Si Gong.  The movements are a great training ground to develop the principles of movement and body mechanics of Chen style.

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  • Earth Qigong for Women 121 Lesson

    Earth Qigong for Women

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn a powerful women’s medical Qi Gong routine via Zoom.  Balance your energy, spirit and emotions through aligning the posture and breathing deeply with focused awareness. Designed to improve female health and wellbeing using the internal healing and strengthening art of Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Learn effective techniques in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Qi Gong Online 121 Class

    Health Qi Gong

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn Qi Gong exercises in the comfort of your own home in a private lesson that is tailored to your needs, physical ability and learning style. Discover a variety of healthy movements that combine the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with an aligned posture, focused movement and deep breathing. Dating from around 2-5000 years ago, Qi Gong (the modern name for Dao Yin) is a movement and exercise practice that helps to support health and wellbeing. Make a positive step to improve your personal health and wellbeing.

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  • Hibernating Bear 121 Lesson

    Hibernating Bear Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £48 per hour

    Learn to manage your health baseline with gentle and dynamic Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements. Hibernating Bear Tai Chi is for those living with chronic illness, degenerative health, during injury recovery, living with a different baseline from the norm, senior citizens and the elderly. These lessons are tailored individually to your physical ability, to help improve your quality of life. Classes are held on Zoom, or in our studio in Ryde, or outdoors across the Isle of Wight. Read about instructor Nicola’s own personal journey with chronic health.

    Every movement I make in my practice has purpose, focus, principles and alignment. I meet each day no matter how challenging with hope and perseverance. My aim is to show people that there are other routes to improved health and wellbeing, rather than reliance on allopathic medicine and our crumbling health service.  Healthy, frequent and accurate Tai Chi/Qigong movements are a key part of my life and I hope that I can inspire others with my passion and dedication.” Nicola.

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  • Standing Practice Online Private Tuition

    Zhan Zhuang Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn traditional Zhan Zhuang / standing like a tree practice via Zoom with instructor Nicola. The foundation practice of Tai Chi and Qigong, rooted in Taoism. Learn how to align your posture, soften and release physical tension whilst breathing deeply with mind intent. Develop integrated muscle strength whilst standing still. With step by step development of the principles and body method. Give your standing practice a boost with this 121 class.

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  • Tai Chi Qigong Remote Lessons

    Distance Learning Tai Chi


    Private tuition via personalised video learning.

    Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Taoist meditation from wherever you live in the world.. This distance learning format is for students who live in a time zone that is outside of our UK schedule. You will learn remotely via personalised videos uploaded to the Tai Chi cloud.  You will be the type of person who enjoys working from a range of resources, is engaged in the learning process, is self led in your practice and happy videoing your progression. If you enjoy a challenge and like being active in your training, this is for you.

  • Tai Chi 121 Lesson Chronic Pain

    Chronic Pain Online Course


    10 Week Live Online Private Tuition

    Learn movement and stillness practices to help manage the symptoms of chronic pain. The Hibernating Bear Tai Chi syllabus has been specifically designed by instructor Nicola for those living with a different health baseline from the norm. This 10 week ‘private tuition’ course covers a variety of techniques that give insight into natural ways to aid the physical and psychological impact of living with chronic pain.

    Instructor Nicola has distilled her professional Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation experience along with her research and personal experience living with chronic and acute pain to create this unique course. The course content will be guided by you, your baseline, your pacing and your needs. Take a gentle yet powerful step towards personal health and wellbeing.


  • Taoist Meditation Private Class

    Meditation Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn effective methods to calm the mind and relax the body, from nourishing breath work, meditation for self compassion, to Taoist meditation practices. Join the class via Zoom and learn at your own pace, guided throughout by meditation instructor Nicola. These lessons are open to everyone, new beginners welcomed.

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  • Nourish through Breath Online Tuition

    Nourish Through Breath Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson.

    £37 – £45 per hour.

    In ancient Eastern cultures breathing is seen as fundamental to life-long health. This has become lost in the modern world, leaning more on pharmaceutical companies to provide us with ‘better health’. Learning to breathe more effectively can have a profound effect on how all of the systems in our body function. Oxygen intake is vital to staying alive.  In this meditation session you will learn to breathe correctly and be guided through a variety of breathing practices that aid relaxation, focus and grounding.  This lesson is for private online tuition where you will learn at your own pace and be guided throughout by meditation and Qigong instructor Nicola. These lessons are open to everyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing through effective breathing techniques.

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