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Meditation Microcosmic Orbit

Meditation Microcosmic Orbit

Taoist Practice

Taoist esoteric yoga is an ancient Chinese internal energy practice used as a way to cleanse and purify the physical, emotional and psychological body. The Microcosmic orbit meditation is a stillness practice to awaken, generate and circulate Chi in the body through the meridian pathways, clearing blockages, levelling emotions and aiding inner health, healing and longevity. It is also called the small heavenly cycle meditation practice.

This webpage shares the process of one complete cycle of the Microcosmic Orbit Taoist meditation practice. There are a number of preparatory exercises to work through before it is possible to complete one circuit. It is not advised to jump straight into a complete circuit without guidance on the preparatory stages. The inner smile meditation practice is used as one of the preparatory exercises as a way to clear and cleanse the internal organs.

The starting point is the navel (dan tian), bring your focus onto this navel point to awaken the energy before moving onwards to the next energy centre. Each energy centre must be focused on, and awakened before progressing further along the circuit. The aim is to work slowly towards completing an automatic circuit of the Microcosmic Orbit.

During the meditation, softly place the tongue on top of the palate by the front teeth with the mouth gently closed. This helps connect the circuit, allowing free flow of Chi through the two main meridian channels of the body, the Ren and Du Mai.

Complete Circuit - Microcosmic Orbit

  1. Navel (Dan Tian)
  2. Sperm/Ovarian palace (Jing-Gong/Kuan Yuan)
  3. Perineum (Hui-Yin)
  4. Coccyx (Chang-Chiang)
  5. Opposite navel (Ming Men)
  6. Adrenal glands (Chi-Chung)
  7. Optional; opposite heart
  8. Optional; opposite throat
  9. Back of neck (Yu-Chen)
  10. Crown (Pai-Hui)
  11. Mid eyebrow (Yin-Tang
  12. Touch tongue to Palate (Husan-Ying) (not an energy centre)
  13. Throat (Hsuan-Chi)
  14. Heart / Chest  (Shun-Chung)
  15. Solar Plexus (Chun-Kung)
  16. Back to the navel (Dan Tian)
  17. Conclude by sinking energy to the Dantian.
  18. Collect in navel and circulate from 3 to 36 times in opposing directions for male and females.

* Please note that the Taoist practices are not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Please speak with your doctor prior to starting a new exercise programme. This article is for information purposes only and must not be taken as medical advice. *

For more information on the Microcosmic orbit meditation, instructor Nicola provides live online private tuition in the comfort of your own home. She also provides audio guided meditation files and a handbook for home study students. Click on the links below to find out more.


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