Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi is suited to any age, young or old.  There are many health and wellbeing benefits that help with students in their later years.  Tai Chi is low impact, making it an ideal form of exercise for elders, helping them protect and strengthen their joints. The movements are gentle, yet bring a deep stretch through expansion and compression of the joints as they move through the Tai Chi form.  Tai Chi can also help with fall prevention by strengthening the leg muscles, improving balance and stability.

Posture can also be helped, teaching them to let go areas of muscular contraction by realigning their posture as they move into the correct Tai Chi stances.  Circulation can also be improved, along with they lymph system and slowing down of the heart rate.  Tai Chi can aid with relaxation and also reduce stress.   Although you don’t have to be older to benefit from these experiences!

Instructor Nicola teaches Tai Chi and Qigong movements for health. Her online SKYPE lessons are open to anyone no matter age, ability or physical health.  View the web shop to find out more.

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