Eight Energy Circle Walking Qigong

Eight Energy Circle Walking

Classical Chinese physical arts for health and wellbeing

There are eight postures in this circle walking Qi Gong relating to the eight trigrams and the I Ching, the Book of Changes in Taoist philosophy. Each holds a unique energy. There are many health benefits of circle walking, from helping to balance emotions, connecting the upper and lower body, increase circulation, help create more energy and harmonise the activities of the brain and heart. The external movements exercise the whole body, coiling and spiralling to help coordination and balance.  The internal movements help calm the mind, drop tension from the organs and open the energy channels.  The name Qigong is a relatively modern term, previously known as Daoyin from around 4-5000 years ago.

Each trigram is a natural phenomena: thunder, wind, fire etc. Each trigram in the early heaven set is a geographical location in China: thunder in the north east, fire in the east where the sun rises, water in the west where rivers originate, metal (ultimate yang) in the south where the hottest weather is, earth (ultimate yin) in the north where the coldest weather is.

Each trigram is a combination of three yin and yang lines.

  • Yin = broken line (gap in the middle).
  • Yang = unbroken line (solid line).

Double trigrams are known as hexagrams and are the basis of 64 states of change, found in the I Ching, the Book of Changes.

Early Heaven Trigrams Taoism

The eight palm postures in the eight energies circle walking Qi Gong follow the early heaven set of eight trigrams. The early heaven set has different Taoist associations than the later heaven trigram set which are used in TCM, Feng Shui, I Ching astrology, 5 element theory.

The Eight Energies

  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Thunder
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Mountain
  • Lake
Circle Walking Qigong
Eight Energy Circle Walking Qigong Trigrams
Circle Walking Qigong

Live Online Tuition

“From My Home To Yours” Instructor Nicola is passionate about sharing qigong with her students. She provides live online private tuition using Skype and/or Facebook video call.  Teaching you ancient Taoist movements that will help you towards a regular qigong practice. Your online class is one-to-one private tuition that is set to your pace, style of learning, needs and experience, all from the comfort of your home.  New beginners are encouraged, this service is open to everyone. Visit the Qigong section in the webstore to book your lesson.

Group Live Stream Class

Part of the Earth Qigong for Women syllabus is Eight Energy Circle Walking. The live stream class rotates into circle walking in December 2023. Discover the eight energies and the gentle power of walking slowly. New beginners are encouraged, this service is open to everyone. There are two live stream formats, a yin subscription for offline videos on demand and a yang subscription for the live classes.  Visit the shop to book your place.