Online Tai Chi Testimonial

Chen Tai Chi via Zoom Student Review

Online Tai Chi Testimonial

Learning Chen Tai Chi via Zoom

Dated January 2022

This online Tai Chi testimonial is written by one of my Chen Tai Chi students, who studies privately with me via Zoom. He came to my classes during lockdown after searching for a Chen style teacher that would teach online.

"Nicola is hands down the best Tai Chi instructor I have studied with in my 27 years of practice. Her wealth of knowledge is quite vast, her compassion and caring go on even further. Nicola doesn't just show you the gross moves she explains all the principles and makes sure they are all being implemented in your practice. Also positive constructive criticism aimed at helping you advance. She has said to me more than once that my abilities will surpass her someday, something you never hear from other teachers, their ego gets in the way. Her ability to make adjustments and tweak things over Zoom is unparalleled. I hope she never runs out of things to teach me."

Teacher Notes

From March 2020, we have been meeting online every two weeks using Zoom video conferencing.  He previously studied under the Chen Xiao Wang lineage and trained with a few Chen Tai Chi teachers on the East coast of America. This student practiced the long form, Laojia Yi Lu for many years, in fact longer than I have been training myself.  Before we started training together, I watched a video of his form to make sure I could offer him something valuable from my teachings. My focus these days tends to be on principles rather than collecting forms. I was pleased to see that I could help this student layer in principles to his form, to make his movements more authentic, which in turn makes his movements more martially viable, and increases the health and wellbeing benefits.

Through the journey, this student has improved his form, choreography, martial intent and principles alongside an improvement in his body conditioning, strength and flexibility. During our studies he also went through surgery, and we both continued to train regularly, adapting the movements to suit ebb and flow in his recovery.  Mixed in with the formal Chen style Tai Chi training, we have also trained qigong movements, breathing techniques, remedial exercises and lots of laughter.  This student practices more than I do, and puts everything into his practice. He is an absolute joy to teach and it is very heart warming to have a shared enthusiasm for the classical Chinese arts.

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