Soma Dao Qigong

The Soma Dao Qigong routine is a series of whole body movements, seated practices and breathwork techniques. Dip into the world of dynamic relaxation, integrated strength and stress regulation whilst aligning the body and breathing deeply. This Qigong syllabus offers a deeply profound way to move, strengthen and release with mindfulness. 

Rather than focusing on purely on choreography and learning a structured routine, this practice helps you develop the skills of listening inwardly, progressive relaxation, shifting states and state breaking, lengthening and expanding safely, re-training the soft tissue, posture re-training and postural awareness. Whilst connecting on a somatic level with body and mind, to truly embody your awareness.

Find out more about the Soma Dao Qigong practice and my teacher Dr Michael Smith.


  • Moving with awareness
  • Aligning your posture
  • Turning and rotating the spine safely
  • Rooting and grounding
  • Integrated strength and conditioning
  • Opening and loosening the joints
  • Releasing soft tissue tension
  • Developing conscious breath work
  • Listening inwardly
  • Developing interactive awareness
  • Soothing the stress state
  • Deep relaxation of mind and body
  • Exploring Yin Yang and the Five Element Theory
  • Standing and seated Qigong movements
  • Standing and seated breath work techniques
  • Seated Taoist meditation practices

Ways to Learn Soma Dao Qigong