Hibernating Bear Tai Chi

Moving Gracefully with your Baseline

'Hibernating Bear' centres around instructor Nicola's ethos to make traditional Tai Chi and Qigong available to students of all abilities. Dynamic slow movements and breath work designed for those who wish to be active in their health care management. For those living with chronic health, degenerative health and different base lines than the norm. Instructor Nicola has distilled her studies and practice of the Classical Chinese arts over the last 17 years, to pass on the most effective methods for improving health and wellbeing.

A bear knows instinctively when to rest and rejuvenate, and when the winter is over he knows when it is time to be active again. It is all about balance, following the natural ebb and flow in life and responding to changes with grace.  Instructor Nicola follows the modern Taoist principles as guided by her teacher Casey Kochmer of www.personaltao.com, those being kindness, modesty and non-judgement. Her lessons follow these principles, where she helps students improve their quality of life through movement and stillness, with compassion and validation of you as a unique individual.

Nicola has a well honed friendly and approachable teaching style, and is able to adapt her teachings to suit, often knowing instinctively what will be of benefit, no matter of her lesson plan! She is a great communicator, imparting her knowledge clearly and effectively.

Our Hibernating Bear classes

What makes up a Hibernating Bear Tai Chi lesson?

N.B. This is not tuition where you will learn a Tai Chi routine or a qigong set. The focus is on Tai Chi movements, drills and exercises for health and wellbeing. Especially correcting and maintaining physical alignment, with deep muscular / soft tissue /joint movements and diaphragmatic breathing.

Instructor Nicola’s Experience

Your teacher, Nicola lives with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a chronic degenerative condition. Her experience of chronic pain, chronic fatigue and physical restriction has given her a unique insight into training and teaching Tai Chi and Qigong movement arts. She has trained the practices personally since 2006 and has worked with the ebb and flow of chronic health since then. She has trained many students with a differing base line than the norm, both in private tuition in the home, through her live online classes.