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  • Chronic Pain Online Course

    10 Week Live Online Private Tuition

    Hibernating Bear Tai Chi has been specifically designed for those living with chronic pain with a differing health baseline from the norm. This 10 week ‘private tuition’ course covers a variety of movement and stillness practices that give insight into natural ways to aid the physical and psychological impact of living with chronic pain.
    Suited to those that would like to be active in their self-care management programme. Instructor Nicola has distilled her professional Tai Chi and Qigong experience along with her research and experience living with chronic and acute pain to create this unique course.

  • Hibernating Bear Online Tuition

    1 Hour Live Online Lesson

    “Hibernating Bear Tai Chi” comes from instructor Nicola‘s ethos to make authentic Tai Chi and Qigong online training available to all abilities. In this online lesson the content is tailored to the student, where Nicola passes on her unique insight into training the Classical Chinese arts when living with chronic and degenerative health, during injury recovery and/or living with a different baseline from the norm.


    Every movement I make in my practice has purpose, focus, principles and alignment. I meet each day no matter how challenging with hope and perseverance, as everyday holds potential. My aim as an instructor is to show people that there are other routes to improved health and wellbeing, rather than reliance on allopathic medicine and our crumbling health service.  Healthy, frequent and accurate Tai Chi/Qigong movements are a key part of my life and I hope that I can inspire others with my passion and dedication.” Nicola.