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  • Qi Gong Tai Chi Private Lesson IOW

    Private Tuition Isle of Wight

    1 Hour Outdoor Private Lesson £37 per hour

    Learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong on the Isle of Wight with instructor Nicola. Available outdoors across the island and open to all ages, abilities & fitness levels. Everyone can benefit from learning the traditional movement practices. Whether you are looking for traditional form training from the Chen Tai Chi syllabus, or to learn Qigong to support recovery from ill health or injury. Instructor Nicola supports you as an individual, in a person centred way, to ensure you are working towards your movement goals.

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  • Qi Gong Tai Chi Private Lesson Ryde

    Private Tuition Ryde

    1 hour Private Lesson in the Studio £48 per hour

    Learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the Ryde studio with instructor Nicola. Open to everyone, all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Whether you are looking to learn the art of progressive relaxation with Qigong, or want to learn traditional Chen Tai Chi forms, or you live with chronic illness and would like to explore the Hibernating Bear programme. Nicola supports you as an individual with a person centred approach.

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  • Chen 5 Elements Form Videos

    Chen Tai Chi 5 Form Course

    Video on Demand / Downloadable Video Course.

    A beginners Chen Tai Chi video course to start your Tai Chi journey. With six video lessons that provide detailed instruction of the choreography, method and body alignment. Join me, instructor Nicola in my virtual studio, teaching from my home to yours. Learn the Chen 5 elements & 4 corners form. Designed for new students who enjoy a challenge and would like to learn from the comfort of their home.

    Cost: £25

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  • Chen Taiji Chan Si Gong Course

    Beginner Silk Reeling Course

    Video on Demand / Downloadable Video Course.

    Welcome to my beginners Chen Tai Chi silk reeling video course. Learn the signature movement of Chen Tai Chi known as Chan Si Gong with me, instructor Nicola. You will be taken step by step through the foundation methods of body alignment, spirals and rotations, and choreography. Develop your Tai Chi movements at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

    Cost: £35

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  • Chen Taiji Short Form Course

    Chen Tai Chi 15 Form Course

    Video on Demand / Downloadable Video Course.

    Welcome to my traditional Chen Tai Chi short form course. Join me, instructor Nicola from my virtual studio and learn from the comfort of your own home. Delve into the world of an aligned posture, body mechanics and silk reeling spirals. Follow along with detailed instruction and common adjustments. Designed for students who enjoy a challenge.

    Cost: £45

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  • Chen Tai Chi Saturday Class

    Tai Chi Livestream

    Online Chen Tai Chi Classes

    Learn traditional Chen Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home. Join our silk reeling and Chen Tai Chi foundations class on Zoom with catch up on demand. And gain access to our Chen Tai Chi form video library to learn the Chen 5 elements and Chen 15 short forms. Our lessons aim to give momentum to your home practice. Learn how to improve your posture, how to apply the body mechanics and develop the principles. Bring your quality of Tai Chi movements to life. Beginners welcome.

    Foundations – Saturdays 8.30am to 9.45am

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  • Relaxing Tai Chi Qigong Zoom Class

    Hibernating Bear Livestream

    Tai Chi & Qi Gong Online Class

    The Hibernating Bear lessons offer a more gentle approach to training Tai Chi and Qigong. The weekly Zoom livestream classes include seated and standing movements, guiding you through gentle tension relief, physical relaxation and meditation techniques. Give momentum to self-care, boost your mental health and support your physical body with kindness. Open to everyone, for all abilities, for all ages especially those living with chronic health, chronic pain and chronic fatigue, senior citizens, and anybody who would like to nourish the mind and body through relaxing movement and stillness. Beginners welcome to join. 

    4 x Zoom classes p/month

  • Chen Taiji Online Private Lesson

    Chen Tai Chi Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn Chen style Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home via Zoom with instructor Nicola. Progress through the Chen Tai Chi syllabus at your own pace and develop authentic Tai Chi movements and skills. Learn the signature Chen style body mechanics, principles of movement, silk reeling drills, Zhan Zhuang and the empty hand forms. This online private class is for the type of person who enjoys being engaged in the learning process and active in their training.

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  • Chen Tai Chi Silk Reeling 121 Lesson

    Silk Reeling Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn Chen style Tai Chi silk reeling energy exercises via Zoom with instructor Nicola. This series of repetitive spiralling qigong movements develop integrated strength, body awareness, unity in movement, co-ordination, stability, balance, dynamic relaxation, grounding and breath work. They are the foundation movement of Chen style Tai Chi and are also known as Chan Si Gong.  The movements are a great training ground to develop the principles of movement and body mechanics of Chen style.

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  • Hibernating Bear 121 Lesson

    Hibernating Bear Online Tuition

    1 hour live online private lesson

    £37 – £45 per hour

    Learn to manage your health baseline with gentle and dynamic Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements. Hibernating Bear Tai Chi is for those living with chronic illness, degenerative health, during injury recovery, living with a different baseline from the norm, senior citizens and the elderly. These lessons are tailored individually to your physical ability, to help improve your quality of life. Learn in the comfort of your own home via Zoom in these 1-2-1 classes. Read about instructor Nicola’s own personal journey with chronic health. 

    Every movement I make in my practice has purpose, focus, principles and alignment. I meet each day no matter how challenging with hope and perseverance. My aim is to show people that there are other routes to improved health and wellbeing, rather than reliance on allopathic medicine and our crumbling health service.  Healthy, frequent and accurate Tai Chi/Qigong movements are a key part of my life and I hope that I can inspire others with my passion and dedication.” Nicola.

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  • Tai Chi Qigong Remote Lessons

    Distance Learning Tai Chi


    Private tuition via personalised video learning.

    Learn Tai Chi, Qi Gong or Taoist meditation from wherever you live in the world.. This distance learning format is for students who live in a time zone that is outside of our UK schedule. You will learn remotely via personalised videos uploaded to the Tai Chi cloud.  You will be the type of person who enjoys working from a range of resources, is engaged in the learning process, is self led in your practice and happy videoing your progression. If you enjoy a challenge and like being active in your training, this is for you.

  • Tai Chi 121 Lesson Chronic Pain

    Chronic Pain Online Course


    10 Week Live Online Private Tuition

    Learn movement and stillness practices to help manage the symptoms of chronic pain. The Hibernating Bear Tai Chi syllabus has been specifically designed by instructor Nicola for those living with a different health baseline from the norm. This 10 week ‘private tuition’ course covers a variety of techniques that give insight into natural ways to aid the physical and psychological impact of living with chronic pain.

    Instructor Nicola has distilled her professional Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation experience along with her research and personal experience living with chronic and acute pain to create this unique course. The course content will be guided by you, your baseline, your pacing and your needs. Take a gentle yet powerful step towards personal health and wellbeing.


  • Livestream & Private Lesson

    Livestreams & Private Tuition

    Live Group Classes & 121 on Zoom.

    The ultimate self care Tai Chi and Qigong training package gives access to our live Zoom group classes, the video library and a one hour 1-2-1 private class on Zoom each month. Taking your training to the next level with in depth instruction and ongoing support from instructor Nicola.

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  • My Tai Chi Book

    Tai Chi Qigong Ebook

    Downloadable PDF file.

    Instructor Nicola has been a regular Tai Chi and Qigong blogger since 2010. This E-Book is a collection of her Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation musings, covering the learning process, expectations, principles and movements. Purchase of this book helps support this website and is an opportunity to read all of the articles in a formatted way without advertisements.

    Cost: £12.00

  • World Tai Chi Qigong Day

    World Tai Chi Qigong Day



    Join us on the last Saturday in April to celebrate World Tai Chi and Qigong Day! This class is open to everyone and is being hosted by instructor Nicola at Earth Balance Tai Chi from the UK.  Take an hour out of your day to discover Chen Tai Chi and health Qi Gong exercises. Learn to calm the mind whilst strengthening the body.  For new beginners and seasoned students, our virtual school is open to all. Let’s celebrate together.  Bookings are open via this page to reserve your place. See you in class!

    Saturday 29 April from 10am – 11am