Laojia Yi Lu Video

Laojia Yi Lu Video The Chen style 74 Tai Chi form is slow movement empty hand form, a powerful internal martial art that combines silk reeling energy spiralling movements and low stances with deep breathing, mind intent and martial spirit. … Read More

Chen Style Warm Ups

Chen Style Warm Ups Joint Loosening Exercises Sharing with you a number of online resources for Chen style Tai Chi warm ups.  These are a variety of body loosening exercises that we start all of our classes with, warming up … Read More

Tai Chi Trigrams

Tai Chi Trigrams In Taoist philosophy, the 8 Trigrams are symbols of change found within the Book of Changes, known as the I Ching.  Each trigram represents a unique set of characteristics; tai chi application, qi gong movement, natural identity, … Read More

What does Qi Gong mean?

What does Qi Gong mean? WHAT IS QI / CHI? There are many types of qi within Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the physical body, qi, blood and moisture are inseparable. They each have their own function in the body, yet … Read More