Compassionate Tai Chi

Can Tai Chi and Qigong help you become more compassionate to yourself and others? Regular practice of the Classical Chinese arts helps bring about a positive change in personal health, happiness and longevity.  The slow-moving exercises slow the mind down, … Read More

Greensand Marathon for Dog Rescue

Greensand Marathon for Dog Rescue One of my Tai Chi students is running the Greesand Marathon on 13 October 2013 in support of Allsorts Dog Rescue. Rob has first hand experience of the great work they do at Allsorts Dog … Read More

Importance of Silk Reeling

Silk reeling is at the centre of Chen style Tai Chi training, helping the student to develop strength, internal energy, co-ordination, body awareness, unity in movement, relaxation and grounding. Also known as Chan Si Jin; Chan (pulling), Si (silk) and … Read More

Laojia Yi Lu Video

Laojia Yi Lu Video Sharing with you youtube clip resources of the Chen style Tai Chi long form, Laojia Yi Lu (74 steps) following the form by Grand Master Chen Zhenglei. Read over the movement names here. Grand Master Chen … Read More