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Hibernating Bear Patreon

Hibernating Bear Patreon

Movement & Stillness for Chronic Illness

My Hibernating Bear programme is now on Patreon. Learn to live gracefully with your baseline through online movement classes, relaxation sessions, natural health resources and connection with others. A private community group to support those living with chronic health, degenerative illness or a different health baseline from the norm. It is possible to be proactive in your self care, learning easy techniques that can help manage your symptoms. Empowering self care through the ebb and flow of life!


Our Hibernating Bear lessons can be found as a video on demand course via Patreon.  Here you will find classes, resources and connection in a private community group. 

Patreon Subscription

  • Student Tier: Water / Kan.
  • Cost: £10 per month + VAT subscription.
  • Format: Please note these lessons are not live on Zoom. They are recorded and available to watch at your own time and pace via video on demand within Patreon.
  • Join Here via Patreon.

What do you get from our Patreon membership:

  • HIBERNATING BEAR VIDEO CLASSES: Access to our recorded Hibernating Bear classes available to watch via video on demand within Patreon at a time that suits your health baseline. Giving you the space and time to break the classes down into manageable sections, or revisit and follow along each part of the lesson over and over. This helps avoid the boom and bust cycle of living with chronic illness, and encourages you to gracefully live with your baseline.
  • SCHOOL LIBRARY: Access to the complete school video and audio resource library.
  • HELPFUL RESOURCES: On natural, complementary and integrative health. Passing on ways to support your self care, your mental wellbeing, your physical mobility. Exploring alternative methods to improve your quality of life outside of Western Medicine and the NHS.
  • CONNECTION: With instructor Nicola and other patron's living with a different health baseline from the norm. Ask questions, share your story, build a network.
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: A safe space to explore your self care with compassion and validation of you as a unique individual. It is possible to cope better and build resilience.

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